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There is a terrifying thing that happens to our technology in an abusive relationship, all those devices that people use in the course of their everyday lives from home security cameras to internet search histories to GPS data and find my phone features those become not useful information or helpful tack, but potential weapons, an abuser and the smartphone is potentially the worst of all the latest report from citizen lab, a Canadian research center calls it the predator in your pocket, and the organization has issued a warning about what's known as Stocker wear. And how helpful it can be facilitating cases of technology fueled violence and abuse. So what is stock wear. How easy is it for an abuser to install it on a victim's phone? How can you tell if it's been installed on yours, what options do the police, and the courts have to protect victims and how? How are these programs able to be sold on apps stores, when they are marketed specifically at people looking to keep watch over their partners without their knowledge? Jordan, Keith Rawlings. And this is the big story, Kate Robertson is a research fellow with citizen lab and also a criminal player for coming and Kate as for having me, can you start by explaining what is Stocker wear? What does the term referred? Well, it's my easiest to understand soccer wears a spectrum of different types.

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