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Talking about climate change what it will mean to our future here on this planet, how do we adjust and survive? What are some new things we have to start thinking about? Let's take a look at climate change and our health one condition, specifically asthma, millions of people have it and warming temperatures could really affect how often they have a tax and how bad they are reporter Allen. You has been looking into this, hey, Allen my Mike. And so what do people say about climate change? So interestingly, when you off people with asthma, what affects them? Climate change is not top of mind. Then we'll concern with things that they can see in few right now. All kinds of trucks rolling through kick it up. All kinds of I mean, dirt dirt. But this thirty. The planning all the police and you gotta breathe that. It's like, sometimes you come outside a little muggy, lookin smokey Logan, and it has a smell tour all the time. That's every day not only some days just every day. So it sounds like there's a lot to worry about are ready? Yes, but climate change is on the minds of experts. People like pediatrician Tyra Brian Stevens, whether in fact, climate change is contributing to more asthma or not as hard to say, but we do know they definitely impacts asthma attacks in asthma. Hospitalizations Tyra is medical director and the founder of the community asked him prevention program.

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