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On the president we can't depend just on a mayor. We can't depend on anybody but ourselves pastor James Brooks the, Dow is up one hundred sixty seven. Points this is ABC news Arizona's. News station news station KTAR on air ninety two three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live, on the KTAR news app. Your breaking news and traffic now it's. Geno to I'm Bob McClay here's our. Top story new this morning a fourteen year old is in extremely critical condition after being pulled from a pool near twenty three. Rd avenue and Campbell avenue Phoenix fire crews say they performed CPR. As soon as they arrived it's not known if the boy was pulled from the bottom, or top of the pool but he is being. Taken to a nearby hospital what we're seeing with the California. Wildfires could have happened here KTAR's Jim cross is live at the new Senator Bob few weeks ago on his fire conditions were as bad as, they've been in many years we burned two hundred and twenty thousand acres this year compared to four. Hundred thousand. Last year issue climate expert Randy survey says the early cafe restrictions limited forest area closures and other measures. Help dodge a big bowl a lot of it was proactive stance that Zona choke in, terms of fire Management so that we stop these. Fires from starting therefore they weren't able to get out of control says the bad news, for California their fire season as weeks and months. Away from being done live in the news center Jim cross. KTAR news officials with the Apache sit graves national forest say they're dealing with several fires the grandma fire has burned nearly one thousand nine hundred, acres near forest lakes the ranch fires charred just over four thousand acres twenty five miles south of. Winslow and. The hub point fire has burned twenty six hundred acres east of pinedale all three fires aren't lightning caused. There's still time to beat the hit valley heat by booking and.

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