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Sides was crash reported northeast along Georgia Avenue arms skews me of Florida Avenue at sixth street with McClure WTOP traffic is down to four forty forecast Mar Theodore Hey friends so the rain is starting to move into the area it's going to pick up as we head through the next couple of hours we anticipate the threat for severe weather to hold off until Monday morning early Monday morning we could see a few rounds through the morning until the early lunch time frame with the storms damaging winds heavy rain isolated tornadoes and hail we are talking wind gusts up to sixty miles per hour wind advisory for many of us with a high wind warning in our southern counties and that's until six PM tomorrow with highs tomorrow will be around eighty degrees will finally quiet things down Monday night into Tuesday Tuesdays highs will be in the upper fifties and I will probably be looking at mostly sunny skies until Wednesday when it becomes cloudy and wet with rain and high temperatures on Wednesday only around fifty sixty six in the district sixty eight in Frederick and sixty six in Quantico thanks Mara and seven fifty Julian Assange's partner really revealed Sunday that she had two children with him while he lived inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London more from CBS news correspondent Matt Piper wikileaks founder Julian assigned secretly fathered two children with one of his lawyers while in prison Stella Morris is the south African born lawyer who first visited him while working on a legal bid to hold extradition to the U. S. she tells the Daily Mail of their secret romance the couple's first son.

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