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This wind effect also even down here so certainly further north <hes> you know from from the cape canaveral region <hes> they will they will start to see these impacts ax real soon if they haven't yet so what is the. Can you tell us what what the best guess on. The forecast track of dorian is going to be over the next couple of days yeah it. It's looking more and more likely that the eye wall and i will remain offshore. It's not a sure thing yet but it's it's looking likely <hes> and while that is good news it's still brings at risk of <hes> windblown <hes> ocean which is what as storm surges <hes> that that risk is still there. Even if the storm i wall remain bring off-shore well. Here is <hes> a._b._c. News meteorologist ginger zee <hes> showing video today on good morning morning america of a man getting pushed off appear by a wave and into raging waters. I mean ginger was saying it's a warning really to heed. A officials shows wjr official warnings about storm surges. It is only going to get worse. The beach is not the place and certainly not appear jetty that goes out because this angry see is is coming from a hurricane that we have seen what damage it can do. The storm surge warnings do extend up along the coast. That's a._b._c. news meteorologist ginger zee. I'm joined joined by brian mcnulty. He is senior research associate in atmospheric sciences at the university of miami rosenstiel school of marine and atmospheric science brian you were. I'm just saying a second ago that the eye wall of dorian might stay off the coast but how how many more days is is this storm going to have an effect on <hes>.

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