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Thirty seven thirty five in inssee state lead at the break and berolina would take the lead by the mid happened in the second half and they would never relinquish deadly the rest of the way although it was single digits almost the whole way through the big story the second half the way of luke maye hey fed up top off the dribble over your rattles down luke maye olaf's out of a halftime locker room forty six forty two and that does he gonna lead it's a bad shot it goes in great luke maye continues a hot secondhalf star but about seven with thirteen minutes to go and with under six minutes to play again it was made a settlement outside extend again extending another lead this is a trigger lob for bay just gets over the hopping bigger tips of your seventy three contested scoured with party want points seventy five sixty eight years old with a secondhalf that wasn't exactly what i was thinking about i'm thinking about more maybe a fadeaway 1050 feat that was more like twenty four twenty five at this point tip comes it's halftime we have 535 to go with the second bush ed about four minutes to go the lead was back up to seven a tour dohrn still in leprince's state to 40 to play cut it to eighty three eighty pinson scored from dario gradi eighty five eighty and then nc state had the answer beverley to each of the far rightwing marquel chelsea rolling left out of the blue screen defended well by de flights were beverley pass to what paul gro steal have twopoint game three growth while yeah the paper was good this is a twopoint game of the minute i have to go 85 83 but shortly thereafter carolina the answer from kind of an unlikely players very still with the pound fouts has defensive near right spitting on a left foot up top williams' head fixed right closer the scarf gutsy backed by teddy williams said here that he grew all he had allied to the basket do the pump fake gave him some space to work but an end up taking the side dribble got an open look never william doeden when your second vascular game put about by government it the way they made their free throws down the stretch carolina shoot seventy eight percent in a sixty one point second ad.

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