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But it's our magical water pipe in sewer pipe repair without digging up the yard. Joey ti TL Joey T Ell Joe Biden got right into that mud pit with him. These are my two choices. Thiss is a great example of what America is right now, guys, they can't even have a conversation. Wake up. Call our mornings at five can buy. I am 6 40. It is the Conway show George Noory is coming up moments away now, Georges on big program tonight. I'm interesting programme tonight For the first couple of hours. We're going to talk about the secret life of groceries. Now you gotta listen to the show to understand that one and then later on the Akashic records. It's a book that when you pass on They open it up and say This is what you did, Mr. Conway. Is that right? Yes, sir. That's going on. You think I'll be gone when they find out how funky I am? I'll be reading you the book, By the way, you know, there's some people that have recorded their own sort of eulogy in case they passed on from Cove in 19. That's sort of strange, strange. A couple years ago, I heard of people videotaping their last words that they play on the tombstone. Literally. The tombstone would have, like a little video. Right. Strange you have you have sons and daughters where you have donor. Yeah. $2 and Assan. Six grandchildren. And one great grandchild telling you think about this. There was a by the way you have a minute. Yeah, There was that there was a father that died and he had a 10 year old daughter. And he died of cancer and every birthday he made arrangement with a credit card or e paid upfront. He paid a florist. Every Birthday. They would send her a dozen roses from her father until she was like 35 years old, and I'm thinking that's like the worst thing you can do for that kid. On that kid's birthday. Every year. You slap them, you slap him with. Hey, look, Remember your dad's dead. Yeah, you can. You can look at it that way. But at the same time, it could be something of happiness, You know? Remember what he did See? That's why I need you around because you actually have the other positive side of everything. Absolutely. Yeah. You're the best kind of heartwarming to tell you the truth. Is that right? Waiting for roses from you. We'll see you when you get back here. Maybe during the next pandemic. I'll be back in January. Okay? All right. Very goes. George Nori and coast to coast. Gina. You're a female. Thank you. You got it. That's not the end of story. But what is your opinion guy who dies His 10 year old daughter gets flowers from Dad than 11 12 13 every year. At 11 o'clock in the morning. Noon. Whatever a bouquet of flowers comes from Dad. Mixed feelings. I thought at first, it would be very sort of comforting and at some point in my adult young adult life, I would I would think that I was being taunted. Yeah, I would think you know you've You've gotta let a child you know, move on. Yeah, because then it becomes more about that person than the kid's birthday. That's right. That's exactly right. I mean, if it was, I'm like, I don't know. Maybe Thanksgiving or Halloween. Something you know, Stop by, or just maybe, you know, an arbitrary day during the year. Eh? Just thinking of you, you know, and where flowers pumped in, but a birthday is really special for girls. Yeah, on boys, but I think more special for girls that make a big deal out of it. And You know, for for reminder, every single like, Let's say, for instance, you know when you're little, maybe you had a grandfather who passed away, right? And then so now it's your fourth year. Your 12th birthday. You're getting excited. Your mom goes. Hey, you got flowers again? Your grandfather like My right to send you into a crazy, you know, like, Oh, I remember how beautiful he was. And it saddens you. Yeah, I think you're right. And I think if it had to happen, I would do the opposite. I would wait till she was an adult and then start sending the flowers as opposed to her very confusing and emotional teenage years and playing that honor at 14 years old. I think you're right. Yeah, Yeah, Some point when they mature. Maybe you're right. Wide when they're when they're you know, 13 14 and that all man I can't imagine. Just let them have their sleepover and Yeah, exactly. That's exactly right. That's 100%, right. But I think the best way to you know to do that is you know if they had dies, sell all of his crap. Burn it all and forget he ever existed. Move on that boy, You're not really a happy medium kind of area. Six. Get rid of his beds. Get rid of his tools up. What Dad not talking about when you're old and not what your younger, you know, Like, like, Let's say you're 18 and your you know your poor dad passes away. It's got to be very, very tough for kids and then too complicated with flowers on their birthday, you know, and I This is kind of a hot take. And I'm a little controversial but almost feels a little selfish. Oh, it's 100% 100% selfish 110%. It's like, you know. Oh, you think you're going to go out and be happy that meenu way every year and depressed the hell idea, right? It sounds very selfish. But, you know, then there are some people who enjoy it. Right. There's some people do get flowers every year. And this kid get flowers every year. Maybe she enjoys well. And you know, everyone has their own traditions. When my mom's mom died, she my grandmother took me shopping. She always was dressed to the nines. She had a cigarette that always had bright red lipstick on the end of it, and just the hair done and the jewelry. Obviously we didn't pass that along when you've seen me lately, But every year on her birthday to honor her, my mom and I would always go to lunch and go shop. Oh, and that That was because that's what we should be doing with us if you were here so you can make up your own traditions, But yet it toe lay those flowers every every year is that's tough. Yeah, When my grandmother passed away for the first couple years after she passed away, me and my brothers would all go to Arby's when they had a salad bar. And order just a regular sandwich, but steal stuff the salad bar because that's what she always did. That was their move. Now is a move. She's old stuff. I think I've told you the story, but my grandmother used to grow up during the Depression. So wherever she would you know, every time you go to her house, paper plates and McDonald's napkins, McDonald's catch up, you know, she stole all that crap, you know, served it here..

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