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Luckily I was there for four days with you you and I we walk that whole chorus probably two or three times so I knew the advantage points that I could go to to see it. I mean with twenty thousand people. It's sixty six deep. I'm six feet. But a Lotta guys watch it. If they're even taller than me all the guy you went to Burg. What was he like five to if he jumped now. He said he was five seven. But I measured in my office. I had a ruler up there. He didn't know I'm there. That's very surprised at your last name. Should be Michael Scott Michael Spivey. Okay keep going. Yeah so you're at this. You're like five six rows deep so I knew where to run up to like you know like the one seventy mark or whatever. So I'd say Brian Come on man. Next whole we'd run up ahead and we get to where we just be one or two deep because a lot of five six deep those guys really did know where the little tern points were and where you could do it so the whole thing I mean. We got to solve the tee shots. Come we got to see him. Hit Him. We knew where to run and get the advantage to watch the whole now of all the golf tournaments you've been to this has to rank number one. All that was. Yeah that bad nine thousand nine hole. Play-off I'll never. Yeah I'll never forget that. Plus I've played Torrey Pines south a couple times and I heard that if you played tiger you would've won because you birdied seventeen and Marie. Yeah Double Bogeyed. Every other hole birdie seventeen and eighteen. The last time I played their Scott one hand practice Putz tagger. That's why you got there all right. I think that's all we got for the. Us Open any final thoughts. I think that's all I know. That's I mean that kind of wraps it up it will also what a memory though I mean at that point after everything that happened tiger. You're thinking that's the last major. He's ever going to win but again I don't think he's human so he comes back. Wins one eleven years later. But we think he's GonNa get knee surgery and he's going to miss a month or two and then he's GonNa come back and keeping tiger and any surgery back surgery girlfriend problems all kinds of things waffle house girls everything good syrup all right. I think that's all we got. We're GONNA take a quick break. We're going to do a quick ask a spivey since we have a third spivey with this week and then we're going to.

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