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By these fans. So a lot of fans who see Major League Soccer has a polarizing entity who see Major League Soccer players as a weak link within the U.S. men's national team. I don't buy into that, but Greg ber Holter and these players getting these results in the cirque essential way is feeding this narrative. And it's not a good thing to have this type of divide. Maybe the only national team in the world where there is this what's the word to say, where is this spike of the domestic league with its players? I think farc is just backing sergeant here. He just doesn't want to say that it's because he's dropped out of form. That's why he's not called in. So he's kind of providing another excuse. If I'm a U.S. fan or a sergeant fan, I kind of like it. Your managers back in your guide. The other point is if you had called in Josh Sargent, you're probably only getting him for what? Two of the three games. I mean, if we look at the examples of Antony Robinson, if we look at the example of Zack Stefan, they don't make the trip to Panama. It is on the UK red list. So Josh sergeant had he scored in those first three games? You bet they would have called him in, even if he's only available for 2003. That tie breakers held against fair enough, but that the martino got raul he managed for all three games and even with reckless country. So make that take it for what it's worth. All right, let's bring in Taylor twin, and then he joins us to discuss more of the fallout from the United States one nothing defeat against Panama in Panama City. Taylor, you just had to listen to us prattle on there for a little while. Who do you think is more to blame? The manager or the players? You two are the best. I absolutely love this show. Every single time I'm on it. Honestly, Greg burr said it's on him, right? Gregg said it's on him and his staff. And so he answers the question for us. And so he raises his hand. He takes accountability and says it is on him. I completely agree with her and you, Seb in the sense that if you look at what Germany did, if you look at what the Netherlands did against lesser opponents, they rotated maybe three players. Not 7. And so you're over calculating in your overthinking this three days of travel and high heat and whatever. This is World Cup qualifying. You have to get as many points as you can get as quickly as possible no matter who's in front of you. And so for me, there's a way over calculation about the travel and the humidity and heat which by the way for the record, if you are going to make 7 changes in that kind of weather, it behooves you to use Major League Soccer players that have been planned in that weather for the last four months. So how those players showed up and laid an egg with no energy, no enthusiasm, nothing whatsoever is beyond me, but this is on the manager, because in my opinion, the rest of the world is still treating every single opponent the same way by rotating the squad with two or three players, not an overhaul of 7 players against a team that Mexico struggled playing down there as you said her. Any team that's played Panama in Panama has struggled. So the proof is in the pudding. You've seen it. Panama is a better team than they have been in years past quite honestly than when we've gone down there. Myself in the generation ahead of us that went down there and got results. And so I just think there was way too much overthinking in this and they under calculated how good Panama is at home and they're overthinking this way too much at times about fitness and about travel and all of this. When the rest of the world is doing similar types of things. Now in saying that Seb, I'm with you in this extent. The players have some accountability, my word. It's one thing to talk about tactics in technique and hers tweeted this and he's a 100% right about arrogance. But the first thing you got to have, the first thing you've got to have is energy. You've got to have the ability to run compete and fight. If you don't even have that, I can't even talk about the other stuff because you're not providing the simple fundamental thing, which is run through a wall and play for your country, which they got none of that last night, and four years ago, the United States lost a Trinidad and Tobago. This was almost an identical performance that made everyone want to puke because she didn't get to compete factor first. Talk about tactics later. But give me the compete. And give me the fights and then we'll worry about whether or not you can pass the ball. But if you're not gonna run what's the point of showing up? Yeah, let me run something by you. Okay, 'cause I heard this narrative about running about trying about intensity. And that's all that's all good. It looks good from afar. But have you ever been Taylor? Have you ever been in an environment where your legs feel weak? We're all of a sudden the opponents on top of you where you see the crowd and you're like, I don't see this weekend week out. And in the goal comes in and you feel like the world is coming down on you. I saw that from these players. So we can talk about trying we can talk about competing. We can talk about intensity. We can talk about desire all that stuff. But if you've never been there done that, that seems so that's something to be said there. Okay. Experiences a real thing, her, the experiences of real thing. It's a great point. It's a real thing. One of the things that came out of the first match was how everybody was in love with this new young midfield. The midfield trio that Greg berhalter uses in Austin against Jamaica, right? Wesson McKinney Tyler Adams Eunice Musa. Obviously, there's some limitations there, right? Tyler Adams, he's told us Gregg halter that he's got to watch those minutes. He hasn't been playing with Leipzig 90 minutes a game. He's not going to risk him here. Wesley McKinney, we know wasn't available for this match. Eunice Moussa's back in, but you have a couple different players in there as well. Sebastian legit, Kellen Acosta. And I think it's a cliche Taylor, but it really feels like this game is lost in.

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