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And you know, just just within the last couple years driving through on some main roads, you can see how the homeless population has just taken over. I don't even want to go there anymore because it's just so bombarded at overtaken with ten and crap. Literally. Do you literally. It's I know, I know, I know, but it's so it's such a shame 'cause organ is so beautiful such, you know, we have so much to offer in their hunting and fishing and outdoor stuff, and it's like the liberals are just are just taking over the state and. Just do it. So where in where in Oregon, do you live? So I'm in southern argon. Okay. Yeah, it's more conservative in southern Oregon. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Definitely. I actually live in a smaller timber town. We're here temporarily, but anyway. Yeah, it's like super conservative. It is. -servative and it's actually really nice being here because I mean you've got people that are open carrying and you just feel like it's for safe for safe. Yeah, yeah, it's really awesome, and it's beautiful. It's so or just and people are just so fed up. And to be honest, I feel like I seen more more people with your signs and just I feel like the vote, the voter turnout is going to be huge this November because people are just so pissed at how the states being grand and many way. We're hoping for a change us to thanks. Store that gives you a little Ray of hope. Does. Triple eight, nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three with your thoughts. But right now time that you the fat Jeffey we'll just hang in with what Ashley talked about. You know, the new Bill aims to send all the masked antifa activist to jail for fifteen years. I know like that Bill h r six, zero five, four title. The Bill on masking antifa act of two thousand eighteen makes it clear that animal activists are intended target, but it's the bills text never explicitly mentions them. It was introduced by Republican, Dan Donovan of New York last month and has drawn of course, widespread gut emission critics claim it on fairly targets. Antifa activists, you know, goes on and he's saying, no, what it does is the Bill would simply add a section to the federal civil rights statutes to include a penalty for wearing a mask, expands upon longstanding civil rights, tattoos to make it a crime to deprive someone of constitutionally guaranteed protections of masked or disguised. And of course, the antifa people and even former Antef up people like Scott crow, regardless of whether the Bill becomes law that won't stop pro. From wearing masks, they take away the right to mascot. People will do it anyway. Oh, okay. Let's just not do. Let's just not do so anyway, it's it's maybe have had enough. I hope so too. It's national moldy cheese day, man. I wish somebody would have sent some moldy cheese, but down the luck they didn't. Did you did you don't want any more geez. Food, he won't eat well. No, I didn't. I didn't heed it. Yes. Right, right. If it was sitting there next to him. Oh, no, it's all right. Did you know there were two thousand varieties of cheese. The number one cheese recipe in America, macaroni and cheese. I was gonna say MAC and cheese. What appears to be the remains of cheese has been found any gyp shin tombs over four thousand years old. That's good. The terms big wheel, big cheese originally referred to those who are wealthy enough to purchase the whole wheel of cheese. I love some of the nineteen Ninety-six of this day. The world's largest grilled.

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