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I subsequently learned it doesn't cover things such as eye exams for prescription glasses routine foot care, which is so important to people suffer from diabetes or fittings for hearing AIDS shouldn't the Medicare program cover those things those things seem to be things that seniors definitely need. Absolutely I you know listen on one of the things that we are focused on at least I. AM is making sure that seniors can remain in their home as long as feasible for them and you know having these support services that are so important that really do lead to quality of life issues and could leave to debilitating. Circumstances for so many. So again I it's part of you know too often we get caught in making one decision, but not understanding the holistic aspect especially when it comes to healthcare and providing these services to me such an their preventive form of healthcare, and they're important to making sure that. Our senior population can continue to age in the. Dignity the security of their own home and now be. Institutionalized to sell. Yeah and that's a good segue LE. Let's talk about that We can talk about nursing homes in a second, but before we do that. There are a lot of people say look we need to have programs and support so that if a elder parent wants to stay in our own home or live with their family that they have the support that they need to be able to do that what do you think can be done on that front to to keep folks in their own homes or to help them stay with relatives so that they don't have to go who nursing home in the first place. I listen this was important part of the aging with Dignity Act of which I was a ritual co-sponsor pass to.

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