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I about. More say some more of how what is doing with Judaism the rise in mystical curiosity openness to this. Or what do you mean? Well, let's dentist. There are three kinds of Kabila at least maybe a couple more too. But one kind of coupla is called by LA Massari, and it is ethical Kubwa for some reason and no scholar. My knowledge has really done the work on this. But after the appearance of the Zohar twelve thirteen century, virtually every manual of ethical discipline written within Judaism was written by a practicing Kaba list. That that to me is an extraordinary statement, especially since miss this get such bad press, and these all their energised, you know, you can't trust them to good things, or it's purely spiritual of, you know, right as opposed up Scotty, Florida. Yeah. No. I mean, I think when you think about it makes perfect sense. I mean, you don't have an experienced that his unitive in which you feel yourself dissolved into the divine all and emerged from that wanting to rip somebody off. Your immediate this Eire's to show them how to get there with you. And and so forth. The second kind of coupla is called coupla seat, or what in a Jewish histories called practical coupla. If Christa has an experience of the divine. She now presumably in some dim sense also has an insight into the inner workings of creation and everything functions together. And it might be tempting for her not you just making this up. Of course, might be tempting for to use this new knowledge as a way of well, maybe figuring out which stock to buy right which stock to sell or how real estate is going to go maybe to help TIMMY who sick in hospital get better as magic MRs matching. Yeah. And and that's why there's a whole lot of people who think that's all coupla is superstition and hocus pocus and the third kind of a coupla, which is mainly what show them talks about in which most students of Kabulov of of these times like myself is called a coupla e you need or theoretical Coppola. And. And that's pretty much. What we've been talking about Kabul is a way to do. Judaism. It's Judaism on steroids. You you can't do another religion and do Kabul at the same time. 'cause Cobbola only makes sense as a system for making sense out of heightened sense out of classical judy's..

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