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In Illinois state government and politics at a Speaker House Bill. Three twenty two is a bill that was passed in two thousand fifteen would ban. Red Light cameras for non-formal units of government. We all know what happened to my bill now In two thousand fifteen we have a senator who is obviously under federal indictment now and we also have a corrupt. The program rather cameras at a single reason. I got involved in politics. One went in nine neighborhood and this has not done anything for safety yet. It's been a simple money. Grab for the Missa pouty and many Missa palate is just like that. These red light cameras have been a crux in the black and brown communities for years a lot of individuals have lost. Their cars. Like cameras have not helped anyone in the communities. We have a lot of work to do on reform and ethics and how we conduct ourselves in this building over the next six weeks and this is not the right start to do it. Our young people need and as representative Willis said they want age and developmentally appropriate comprehensive and inclusive personal health and safety education and they need this education at the earliest grades and a clear young person in southern Illinois. I learned nothing at all about people like me. About diverse sets rallies gender expression in gender identity annoy lawmakers Strang to tackle red light cameras in the wake of a corruption investigation.

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