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Red how do you test for lead all can know that there is light going on your primary when certain things from happening message can you help her I can and I can't that that I can answer the second question which is the only way really to detect lead is to use a device called an XRF which stands for an X. ray fluoroscope which is a very expensive device that that local governments will buy like the York city that shoots a beam of X. rays and the tax vote of the lead the problem is is how do you get access to an inspection of your apartment and while I'll be the first to complain that that the laws in New York City or not fully enforced at least we have prevention laws unfortunately although New York state has the highest number and percentage of older housing stock in the nation and the highest number of lead poisoned children in the nation basically outside of New York City and Rochester there are no prevention laws for for lead poisoning in essence the St still is using what what Cordell called the the miner's Canary mode of checking for led by finding out if the kids are poisoned I would strongly suggest at least contact in the county health department in Rockland and seeing if they can provide some services they generally respond alas unfortunately only when when kids are like poison but they may have some programs to assist us the city the state is funding some some programs in high risk areas of the state to do some proactive prevention work on what Hastert's the Centel thank you so much good luck with that that's at least somewhere where she can go and and that's kind of a shocking thing that you reveal their though Matthew that other than New York City and Rochester that the law is even now with all we know and love the kids of in that portion of the laws are so weak yeah yeah Michael in Manhattan Iran W. NYC hi Michael yeah good good morning I just wanted to call and say that it's clear it's not setting up a rope she was because she got a job with city council member bill Perkins and got Perkins to sponsor this bill in the city of New York yes and when it happened the thing I remember most is Mr Bloomberg because so much in the news now is saying that if this law passed that would bankrupt the real estate industry of New York and of course that didn't happen but it just goes to show how the presidency as of now we still are having this problem to this very day Michael thank you and so Cordell clear let me go back to you and he's right that you got involved with the city councilman at the time bill Perkins after your son had the lead problem from from your apartment and how does your understanding of the history in the Bloomberg administration's role comport with the colors yeah well entrances them and Michael but bring that up because it's on my mind a lot lately never thought this person would run for president but when I remember him vetoing the bill after Matt and so many others that come together we all work so hard twelve years of my life and many many people before me for decades have been fighting for this protection for children and we got a city council did the right thing and they have the mayor knock it down veto it thank god we we kept at it we didn't give up we worked hard and now we had good people and the city council overrode it but you know for it just goes to show you know for an individual to have gone through all of that all of that when we have agencies and leaders of medical to be protecting our children and somebody has to go through all that just to get a lead poisoning bill passed and then now a kick in the face is that we're not even enforcing it and so is this something Matthew that you thing Michael Bloomberg should be held accountable for on the campaign trail because I think you indicated before that when local law was passed in two thousand four that was in his administration he signed it but that he worked to weaken it so that it was only upon the vacancy of an apartment that there needed to be an inspection and remediation for lead as opposed to checking out every apartment well first of all he didn't sign it it was vetoed and and his a veto was overridden by the city council don't know this history yes more ends then the real estate industry brought a lawsuit to block it from going into effect mayor Bloomberg refused to allow the city's own lawyers to represent the city in that lawsuit to defend the law so instead the city council had a higher outside lawyers and we the advocates also when it's in that case to defend the law successfully so yeah his role was was not good he fought against a slow very strongly he and I think it's much stronger and and in fact the advocates negotiate a lot away under the promise that he would veto the bill and then he ended up the doing it anyway hi N. as we finish up W. N. Y. C.'s Christopher worth I read this week that there's a federal probe under way to investigate landlords who take section eight vouchers that this particular group of leverage can be particularly negligent when following lead laws and you talk to a doctor who said we're measuring lead in the wrong units so what do you mean by that and anything else you'd like said wrap this up what we're measuring that in the real well I think it goes back to what Matthew had said which is that we do continue to use kids very much as indicators so when a child tests with an elevated blood lead level that test is then reported to the department of health and then the department of health will start an investigation to find out if there's a lead in the apartment and if they don't find that in the apartment that that investigation expanse other places so first thing in the child has to be said so in in many cases a show for what happened what has to happen first as a child has to have an elevated blood that level where is the does the law was originally designed to prevent exposure in the first place and I think Matthew can speak to that as well yes but but very briefly the federal investigation is actually about of a of a much larger issue that I've been trying to get the city to pay attention to which is the fact that the city has a negligent practice of placing families out of homeless shelters or with other city subsidies into private rental homes without verifying that the landlord has complied first with local law one with the landlord debated the lead on the friction surfaces and we have had case after case after case of families who relying on the city to put them in these homes and a chef at swimming that they're safe and finding out the hard way that it's not safe for the kids get lead poisoned we thank Matthew Fisher a staff lawyer at north Manhattan improvement corporation Cordell clear activist in the fight against lead poisoning and W. N. Y. C.'s Christopher worth senior editor in a narrative unit there's no event tonight Chris I see related to this at the Brooklyn Historical Society six thirty call toxic city you want to tell people that I'm I'll be moderating a panel it's designed around an exhibition at the Brooklyn Historical Society that event starts at six thirty Matthew will be on the panel and Kordell will be on the panel and several other people all three of you who've been I guess on this Cordell thanks so much I know you're on the phone with us thanks so much for your time thank you and Matthew thank you for coming in thank you bye Chris thank you as always thanks Frank and again that event is toxic city lead poisoning and it's silent attack on the vulnerable tonight at six thirty moderated by Christopher worth at the Brooklyn Historical Society Brian Lehrer and W. NYC where it's time for the latest news with Richard hake which of what's happened hi Brian the daily death toll from the corona virus in China topped one hundred for the first time pushing the total above one thousand on mainland China many people remain a home there with around sixty million people under virtual quarantine authorities in Hong Kong evacuated people from an apartment block we're four were found to be infected raising fears of the virus may be spreading through the plumbing federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell says the US economy is healthy with steady growth and unemployment at a half century low he says the virus in China is the principal risk delivering the fed's semi annual monetary report to Congress Powell said this morning that the fed is content with where interest rates are currently the US justice department is suing New Jersey over the state so called sanctuary immigration policies U. S. Attorney General William William Barr announced the loss yesterday against governor Phil Murphy and state AG group we are great wall new Jersey's immigrant trust directed limits when local authorities and turn over undocumented immigrants to federal law enforcement officials W. N. Y. C.'s Matt Katz reports that the DOJ has a good chance to win the case you know when it comes to courts and immigration of the trump administration has done quite well the courts have largely affirmed immigration policy changes that Congress wouldn't otherwise have passed like the so called Muslim band restricting travel from mostly Muslim countries last week the federal government stopped allowing new Yorkers to enroll in some trusted traveler programs over a state law that shields DMV records from federal immigration officials and my PT commissioner Dermot Shea says the new bail reform laws are not at issue in the case of a suspect who shot allegedly two police officers in the Bronx a judge ordered forty five year old Robert Williams held without bail at his arraignment yesterday police say he was arrested once while out on parole over the years here Shea speaking on fox five this morning this particular incident is not tied to Baylor form this is somebody you know it it's maybe a greater issue of that recidivism within the criminal justice system and brakes hard to really predict this one Williams is charged with attempted murder assault criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest New York City police officers reported an increase in the use of stop and frisk last year W. N. Y. C.'s Yasmin Kahn reports officers recorded nearly thirteen thousand five hundred stops in twenty nineteen a more than twenty percent increase from the year before our legal advocates say the numbers confirm what their clients and mostly poured non white neighborhoods were already telling them police stops are on the rise police officials contend the increase represents more accurate reporting the NYPD has been under a federal monitor for it stop and frisk practices since the judge ruled in twenty thirteen at that police mis used the tactic and a racially discriminatory and unlawful way the monitor has flagged repeatedly over the last few years that police officers were failing to record all stops and the trump administration has improved the rating of the portal north bridge between New York and New Jersey making it eligible for key federal funding the upgraded status was released yesterday as part of the president's budget proposal it would allow the century old structure to be rebuilt if approved new Jersey's governor Phil Murphy's praising the measure saying it will help reduce delays for NJ transit riders but a larger project to build a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River remains stalled federal officials gave out a low rating because.

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