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They use them at the The russian olympic teams and so forth. oc for recovery. That is they have muscle peptides and various other peptides that are appropriate for olympic athletes You know who are under incredible strain and stress and so forth and you know have all sorts of injuries as training for and competing and so they use the peptides post competition. Typically post-training peptides. There's nothing magic about peptides. Peptides basically just tiny proteins If you take two three four actually take less than fifty amino acids. And i think i have a picture here. Let me get here if you take a small group of amino acids and you string them together we call call the peptide bonds. You string together eventually. The the they interface with the oregon's they become proteins basically and because they're so small they become able to pass through the digestive system pretty and tracked intact. I'm sorry they also can pass through cell membranes because they literally are so small. We're talking about three molecules okay. They can pass through the blood brain barrier and so they get to the targeted area and are able to then bond or bind. So this is a pancreas peptide. it's Three amino acids long and shows here how it binds into the dna. And that's very similar. As i spoke last time it's here in the us. They call it Armor thyroid medication. Yeah yup we're in. I think the synthetics call synthroid. I'd be please. I'm on it. Okay right yeah. And it's interesting just kind of a sidebar having dabbled with it a lot for the last thirty years with people in clients and so forth centers. Some people do really well on the natural armor that's derived from Pigs and some people don't but they do really well on synthroid. Yeah it's interesting. How the how. The body reacts. Yes i have in that respect. That's for sure tried all tried it all. Okay i'm going to go through this. The russians use these peptides That they formerly by the way back in the early days in Seventies the first peptide that they developed Was the famous peptide. And the second one was the pioneer gland peptide. They now have twenty three of what we call. The natural peptides All of them sourced. From a twelve month old calf. So what they do is they take a twelve month. Cav they then unfortunately Slaughter the the animal but very carefully take all of the organs and then process filtering process. The oregon's each individually and create these peptides from specific oregon and so they take They have a brain peptide. For instance that came from the brain of that calf they have a retina peptide from the retina of the cap. A pancreas liver a kidney etc etc and there are twenty three of these what we call natural peptides. We're only using those in the clinical studies because in russia and accepted in the us These peptides are considered to be food supplements because their natural based okay and so we don't have any difficulty. Bring him into the united states customs familiar with them and so forth. There's an additional thirty. Some odd sent thank peptides or peptides. Even the natural ones that are interject. injectable lingual sub lingual etc. But we only use the natural peptides. So let's look at Retina issues in the united states. Unfortunately and pretty much the rest of the world. If a person has a serious retina disease like retinitis. Pigmentosa macular degeneration. There's very little that can be done. The most that can be done typically is to slow the progression a little bit but there's no effective treatment in russia they use the vision peptides as follows..

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