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B._M._w.. Was One of our sponsors as well. I think that was under helmets but although sponsorships didn't generate great enough income to pay the bills the team also owed about three and a half million dollars in back taxes by the fall of Nineteen eighty-seven hines Vipin Bach was desperate to keep his team solvent journalist Gabrielle Lewis Manga says that led Vipin Bach the higher some expert help hydros personal taxman. They called a Merlin magician players were getting paid for the most part but Germany's central tax office was not officials knew that alone was playing in games with its ledgers. They just weren't exactly sure how so they went after the players. They're young Canadian guys in their twenties. They're just trying to continue a dream. They're having success. They're getting paid to do what they love. Love and then all of a sudden taxes authorities are out there doors going through their apartments. Bruce Hardy was good at sneaking out back window when the feds came calling but one day they caught up with him who took my football my baseball fog love by leather jacket TV and right at that time and eighty seven the loony came out and my brother had brought me one over the loony is a Canadian one dollar coin bearing the image of a loon. It's made mostly of nickel with a shiny bronze plaguing leading in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven it was worth about sixty seven U._S.. Sense and they thought it was a piece of gold. They took it to German. Tax Officials. Were also looking for documents that might show them how hyphen buck was hiding income from them. The team responded by warning players to misplace their pay stubs and bank statements the German government tighten the screws even more there's times when we come out of the rank and our cars or be taken away that have a big trailer out there Bodnar cars up vitamin taken away the finance people locked all the doors to the dressing room and told us we weren't allowed to practice when we weren't going to be allowed to play again until some of this money was paid back but the team needed to play to avoid bankruptcy and Vipin Bach couldn't couldn't stonewall the feds forever he looked far and wide for creative financing. Maybe a really big sponsorship deal. He reached out the Hans Meyer. The mayor of the nearby town of Hamer Again Gabrielle Louise Manga Pawns Hans was notorious for his business dealings behind the eastern bloc in China and so he was kind of guy who could get helped through some interesting business partners Burger Meister Meyer had in mind one very interesting partner Hans Meyer goes. I've got it. WE'RE GONNA call up Moammar Gaddafi Moammar Gaddafi known sponsor of international terrorism. The man who ordered the nineteen eighty six bombing of Berlin discotheque that killed three three and wounded more than two hundred oppressor of millions of Libyans dictator of the country that supplied most of Germany's oil and so hines he says great make the call. Let's go talk to Ghaddafi Hines Jetta Tripoli in late November of nineteen ninety seven and there's this whole spectacle of getting off the plane on the tarmac in Libya and there's dancers and Bedouin tents classic Ghaddafi Party hines is wining wining and dining with Gadhafi Ghaddafi says you know we don't have ice here but I've seen hockey and you know it seems like people like hockey in Germany and Ghaddafi likes anything that pleases the public is a man of the people not really Qaddafi. He was reviled in Libya Germany elsewhere but that didn't deter hines VIPIN Bach hines goes to Gaddafi's compound. That's been bombed the U._S.. Had bombed Tripoli in one thousand nine hundred eighty six in retaliation for the Berlin bombing coming to of the dead there had been U._S. soldiers and get off. He gives them a contract for almost a million dollars to save the team hines return to Germany and met with the players he told them hey guys guess what good news the tax thirties aren't gonna be reading your apartments anymore. He might even get your leather coats in your loonies. Your baseball goes back and were going to be playing and we're going to get a shot to win. The Championship hines presented could the team with their New Jersey's. They were.

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