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We have some great guest let me let me just tell you about some of them coming up but simmer tall the director of communications for the trump campaign and also Carol Berg is going to be here and carols are talking with us a little bit about PTSD and that's something that can especially be brought forward at the holidays with the stress and different triggers around on so she's gonna she's gonna tells a little bit about how how you could handle it if you have somebody who's gonna be celebrating the holidays with you that is affected by posttraumatic stress disorder and also if you suffer from that yourself some strategies you can use to to kind of have that manageable when when those things strike also today at seven thirty five Erin could terse he's going to be here and we are gonna be talking a little bit more about what I was just mentioning about the new articles of impeachment that might be drawn up on president trump by the house of representatives that something that was just come out in the news yesterday and today kind of over night we heard a little bit about that and then we've also been hearing on the nothing you want to hear about during the holidays that about the about North Korea and what they might be planning of but we'll be talking about that in the eight o'clock hour coming up it to eight thirty five Kim gray Richmond city councilmen she is been named among the two thousand nineteen Richmond or is of the year by style weekly which is an issue that lands today should be online later today but we'll have a little bit of a sneak peek into that issue and what's on their minds and the idea that Kim has the councilman has for adding to monument Avenue not taking away statues but adding statues and then at the end of the show today it is Tuesday and and and John has our tradition of of giving Tuesday he's going we're gonna be talking with Janet Kelly she's the president of Virginia's kids belong and the former secretary of the Commonwealth you might remember that she served under Bob McDonnell governor Bob McDonnell and she was really with with the governor during his campaign and has known him for many years and he was she was appointed as secretary of the Commonwealth what she did afterward as of one of our projects in the met Mr latest years has been working on Virginia kids belong which you know this is a segment of of the we don't think about a lot you think about kids in the foster care system being very young are being adopted either as infants or toddlers or young children but if you you know considered a unique situation among older youth who are not yet eighteen let's say there's sixteen seventeen they're still in the foster system and if they are not adopted they you know are in a really tough situation where they enter the real world they they leave the foster care system really on on their own and without a big support system that a lot of the the younger children might have after being adopted so you know they they do the best prepare them for that and give them the support they need and what Virginia's kids belong is doing is launching a mentorship program of that will you know serve to connect those older youth with with the people who can provide some supports a mentorship and and really guidance guidance that you need when you're getting ready to head into the real world whether it's to college or trade school or into the working world and it's really a fantastic program a a great idea and I know that Janet Kelly's gonna be sharing a lot more about that in ways that you might be able to help if if you'd like to get involved on I also one a mention on some good news since we were we're hurt we've already hit impeachment in North characterization the Virginia business was out with the new Virginia unemployment numbers of four November they're out now and and and employment in Virginia is holding steady at two point six percent that means that Virginia is the lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate we have the lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in the southeast of Virginia is cruising right along and as far as shopping goes as I mentioned in the last hour we hit a record thirty four point four billion dollars on Saturday on if you're looking to get those last minute gifts in today there are plenty of retailers opened local retailers are open with obviously they'll be you know cutting back on hours later today but they should be open for the most part during the day the malls will be open until six and if traffic of traffic is telling us right now that things are clear out there it should be easy to get around today without folks you know hitting the roads for work I now I'm when we hit the nine o'clock hour I'd like to hear of let's see sorry I'd like to hear a little bit about when we might be hearing from you about some of your most memorable Christmas gifts and you know this is a early morning hours to tomorrow the kids are gonna be op one of the one of the memories I have is is really a sign of the times that I don't think we have this anymore but I remember being kind of held back in the hallway of my house while my parents got everything finalized got breakfast together and got the really the most important thing was getting that camera ready so they we had this film strip can't I don't know if it's a business I guess it wasn't a super eight as the thirty five millimeter maybe it was one of the cameras that it was one of the video cameras not video but it had the had the film going through it I wish I could remember what that was caught I knew somebody out there yelling at the radio the name of that and with the big feature of this camera was that it had two giant lights almost like Mickey Mouse ears coming out of the sides and the top of the camera bright bright lights and my dad would get over by the tree with the presents underneath from Santa and and the family and my sister and I am a little sister and I would would be waiting in the hall and that meant you know we're kind of wiping the wiping the sleepers from our eyes and and excited and we've been we've been a kind of held back we're ready to go the the door opens and we Falkenberg PC Lee blinded by those lights because the the the film is on the cameras on already got the you know what I'm so glad we did that because we have some fantastic movies now of that time we were little and the lights are just such a part of my Christmas flashbacks it says six fourteen now coming up we're gonna be talking to Tim Murtada on newsradio W. RGA.

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