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Just you just come from different areas in trying to implement something you know. There's going to be some conflict. Why are we doing like era. Also wants knows why why and you know. And and because the answer the guy need to know the depth reason why right and and the thing the thing that my impression of aaron rodgers from afar has always been. This is the guy who does not suffer fools. He doesn't suffer fools. And if and if you're gonna come to him with just a flimsy. Take on things that that that doesn't have much nuance doesn't have much sophistication he's gonna see right through and he's going to be instantly turned off board but you know. I know you well enough to know that that you not only put in the work that that'll that instantly i think creates with the guys. You're talking about this this idea of okay. This isn't my normal interview with an nfl analysts. This is a guy stinks. Putting his st played the game he puts his time in. He's genuinely interested in in what we're doing. And i think guys like aaron rodgers get off on that they love that because it really allows to test them in a way that they don't normally feel like they get challenged. Sure they get most of the time you guys read the press clippings and they re young writers right you know. And i'm you know me man. I'm doug logan alabama right. I can say. I can say hey man in in that i that i i mean between you guys in detroit on that third down and fourteen. I think in the second quarter blah blah blah and. He's oh yeah. You know what we're doing because most of these guys have the coaches and the players. Most of them have photographic memories for the stuff that they've done right. It's it's uncanny right. So i can bring up a player to and they can tell you exactly what was going on. And then they'll talk. They'll talk you through it. yeah this what. We're trying to hit the whole shop. The old shot was because corner kept dropping off. Who's though so. I just through the through the stick and yeah you know and i. It's that stuff is really cool cool. That's i and i know they're a bunch of games. It happened that we wanna talk about. We'll do that later on this this week but the fact that. Hey it's you're talking about a great player. You're talking about a hall of famer one of the greatest of all time and the fact that you've got a chance to have that kind of access and just one on one conversation intimate gathering. I think that's awesome. So they allow me to geek out a little bit. All right. that's cool. Hey for everybody. Involved in stink truth podcast. Thank you so much for listening for our folks at sweet spot dot com for your exercise and supplement needs and also. America's best book are america's bet me that's super book america's best bad for everybody involved. Thank you so much back with you later on the week..

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