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Traffic to get you there. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. I. Well on the upside the following story involving the Catholic church has nothing to do with abusing children. Catholic church officials say two nuns responsible for misappropriating a large amount of money. From a southern California Catholic school safe to say that five hundred thousand dollars is a large amount of money. It's a half million be Monsignor of Saint James Catholic church wrote in a letter to parishioners that Sister, Mary, Margaret Cooper and sister. Lana Chang were found to have used funds thought to be up to five hundred thousand dollars set aside for use at the Saint James Catholic school in Redondo beach. What do you think they were spending the money on gambling? What's travels and gambling? Goodness. I don't know how you'll find that funny. But the information was uncovered by an internal investigation the church in the archdiocese of chosen not to press criminal charges. They say that the sisters are still in the order. Well, that's the motorcycle. Randy for the Catholic church, isn't it that restitution and punishment will be handled from within the sisters have reportedly owned up to everything and are asking for their parishoners forgiveness. Half million dollars supposed to go to the church, and they're using it for travel and gambling. They need to do at least a little more investigation. I want to know what their table game of choices grabs. Blackjack roulette. Stay away from roulette table, unless you're just betting on colors, red or black. Because those the only two you can bet on Spurs flashback. Let's go back to two thousand three it's brought to you by Spurs, sports and entertainment birds. Flesh back. On December tenth two thousand three. Tim Duncan scored eighteen points, fourteen rebounds and one zero two seventy seven round of Portland at the gate TNC center. The Spurs are starting to gain traction in December after an uncharacteristic slow start. They started with a nine and ten record. But a thirteen into December got them going and the Spurs ended up putting fifty seven games during the oath three or four season. That's today. Spurs flashback I'm Bill showing so your MVP to be wants to up their game. But basketball season's over well with the Spurs sports academy summer basketball camps. We've got them covered.

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