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Sunshine in Boston one o'clock on your Thursday Good afternoon on Lori Kirby. Here's what's happening right now be learning the outcome of the presidential election very soon. It is coming down to keep battleground states with very narrow margins right now, Joe Bond and increasing his lead in Nevada. Let's get more from ABC News. Your voice. Your boat. ABC News right now Projects 253 electoral votes for Joe Biden and his vote counting continues in several important states. The Vita campaign says it's confident in victory, campaign manager Jen O'Malley, Dillon said. We are looking for that moment in Pennsylvania and Georgia today, where we see that ticker overtake Donald Trump. We think it's gonna happen. Pennsylvania alone will put buying over the top Georgia combined with either Arizona or Nevada would also result in a Biden win. The county continues in all of those states. The Trump campaign, releasing a statement from the president alleging illegal and late votes could steal the election. So far, the campaign has not provided any evidence of fraud. The Trump campaign lawsuit, and George alleging Bounce maven mishandled has been dismissed, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe said. Let me be clear in Pennsylvania, every vote is going to count. Joe Biden tweeting Be patient folks. Votes are being counted and we feel good about where we are with continuing coverage on Brian Clark ABC News and you're listening to Devil BBC news radio streaming The election results and the counting every minute for you until every vote is counted on the I heart radio APP lets talk about the post office. Now a federal judge is saying that someone may have to pay a price. After US Postmaster General Lewis to Joy declines A judge's order for a ballot search my power with his store. US. District Judge Emmet Sullivan in the District of Columbia, called out the United States Postal Service for refusing to comply with his court ordered to perform last minute sweeps in light of 300,000 untraceable Balance reported by the agency. Sullivan stated to Joy should have to testify under oath over the agency's failure to comply, though he later agreed to hear testimony from Kevin Bray, who leads male process. For the U. S. P S. The Postal Service disclosed on Wednesday. It had completed the sweeps late Tuesday and turned up just 13 ballots in Pennsylvania after the United States Postal Service reported that more than 300,000 ballots scanned in their mail system were never sent out for delivery. I'm Mike Bauer All right. Other numbers outside of the electoral college. New unemployment numbers out today, the US Labor Department reporting 751,000 new jobless claims across the United States last week. That's down about 7000 from the week before, but still historically high in Massachusetts more than 40,045. In fact, file for unemployment last week. This was down, though, by about 6200 from the previous week. So making some progress here in Massachusetts, and we're seeing that continued rally on Wall Street, despite the uncertainty about the race for the White House. Right now, The Dow is up more than 500 points, triple digits and all three major indices gaining again as the Election week rally extends to 1/4 Day, also extending demonstration sweeping the nation as the results in the presidential election continue to come in. That's next right now, back to the roads at 103. And joining us with a super retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's Kevin Brennan. Hi there, Kevin. Hello there. Lori lets take it downtown, once again. Sterile, Dr Westbound. Still seeing some heavy delays here from leverage Circle most of the way out to mass ad. We have some earlier police activity there that has since cleared in the roadway has been reopened. This is just all leftover delays. And outbound Mass. Avenue bridge is also reopened right now. So expect a residual delays both directions here along mass have heading towards Storrow Drive. This is all from earlier police activity that we had all that police activity has been cleared away. Stir or soldiers. Field road eastbound. You're still closed for work today between Western half and Cambridge Street. You got some slowdowns here. Approaching western have were all traffics detoured up onto that service road and then back on after Cambridge Street, leaving the city 93 North bound You lookingood past 1 28. We got reports of a brush fire after Daskal Road in the median and that end over stretch expects a minor delays. Their route to East found. You're hung up into the work crew at Winter Street and Lexington. And down in a rain ham for 95 south bound over a mile backup approaching the work crews after route 24 So far so good that expressway South bound running while through mass at and seven Hill. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on.

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