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Had obviously saw me very closely as who I was at that time, to who I am now, you know, just was like, hey man, I realize I'm a way better driver than I was. Well, I mean, that was more than ten years ago. And next year, so you went from that opportunity to 2013, you ran full-time with KBM. Yeah. That was your last full time. Yeah, 'cause 2014 I was supposed to be full-time at swan. But it folded after 9 races and then the started since then, you've just been weird in the wilderness. In the wilderness. Yeah, no, literally the edge of obscurity at all times. And definitely not. You become a national media personality, you become one of the best analysts pit reporters in racing in my humble opinion. You become a truck series winner. Spreading things out too, you know, I feel like normally people do their first full season of what time was the nationwide, then they do it the next year. I just decided to take a little night here, right? Well, that's what I wanted to ask you about. You've got the giddiness. You've got these as much a little bit. But this is like a full-time job now. Next year will mark ten years since the last time you did this full time. I mean, how much has changed is so much different and there's so much the same. It's so funny. I'm bopping around mooresville again in a capacity where I feel like, oh wow, I'm gonna be here a lot. That sort of thing. I'm re acclimating friendships down here because I'm gonna get a place down here. And just like letting people know, like, hey, I'll be here. I'll have Tuesday nights or Wednesday night. I'll be doing nothing like, hey, you want to hang out? I don't know. Hey friend, remember we used to sim race every night? You want to sim raise today? I don't have anything better to do. So, but it's funny. I'm trying to approach it where I don't fall into old habits or old ways, for sure. I think that's one thing I've made really, really big part for me. It's like make sure to continue doing the things that have made me that better driver, more successful, being out of this bubble, I think was good for me for those years I have been out of it. But also react meeting within it to with the knowledge of what I've learned from being outside of it. And I think that's a really powerful thing. Continuing a lot of my media endeavors for sure. That's one way I want to work that in. Now understanding my scheduling better, understanding how to do that, understanding the media world, trying to incorporate those things that I don't that we don't fall behind there as well as I try to take on the driving side full-time. And then also mentally, I think there's a huge 90% of this is mental, if not more. And success in racing. And I think for me, it's making sure that I'm continuing a positive progression in the mental side that I've been on for the last couple of years, right? And so whatever I have to do there to make sure that that's happening be very key for me. So I want to take what I knew from back then and what I know not to do, what I now know what to do and what I don't know. And what I don't know is some of the things in the tools and the pieces and the parts that I just haven't got to experience because I haven't been full time, right? And I want to be able to take those in and play catch up with those and learn them quickly. Wow, knowing the things I know that I've done better and putting away all the things I know I don't want to do or don't should pass, I shouldn't go down. What's something you're definitely not going to do that you do? If you can say, live where I lived, me who I was, grow up, basically, is the best way to put it. I laughed so often when I see and I shouldn't, I don't name names. Like Noah Gregson, who I probably would have been very much a similar personality at the time, but I hit it all. I didn't put it all out there like he did. Which probably was my detriment. But I think that's the type where I've grown up from being that person. And so I laugh when I see those things about guys like, I'm like, eh, I wasn't just similar, you know? I just probably hit it all. It was like behind the scenes. So I think I've just been really focused on being who I've become and not falling back to being that kind of person. So it's not like I'm more boring or anything. I feel like I'm actually more fun. I think I'm a cooler person in that sense. But I think I make better decisions now. I know where to put my energy and my time and my focus and I know what does and doesn't equal success and I think that's the part where I just, that's the confidence that I have. And I know all that. I know how to drive the race cars, know how to deal with all the incineration stuff. Scheduling the media at times, how you schedule your life, how you do all that stuff, travel, everything, just deal with it so much better. Relationships, friendships, all those things. It's the unknown part that's really exciting, which is all the tools at my disposal and the idea of having a really supportive owner and sponsors and that sort of thing that want me to be me and to continue doing podcasts and that sort of stuff. So it's a weird I know that was a very deep no, that was good. That was really good. But it feels like, I hate to use in second chance because it seems so lame. But it's like I've been able to press start again with the knowledge of everything you've done before. Which is a very unique, right? Like people might say that all the time about anything in life, whatever it's a business, right? Like, if I started with all I know now, that would be amazing. I'm literally getting the chance to start with all that I know now. Which is a ton. Yeah, it's wild. 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