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Ready to vote or the next president of the United States. Whoever he or she may be presidential candidate Bernie Sanders? Got Everybody's attention in October of this year with the announcement by his team that he'd had a heart attack requiring emergency surgery to remove a blockage in his artery two stents replaced in their Bernie Sanders. Sanders is seventy eight years old. And many Americans wandering you know one is hard trouble in a seventy eight year old candidate me for the presidency. MM-HMM EISENHOWER AND LBJ. They both became president after they'd had heart attacks earlier in their life former Bush vice president. Dick Cheney had four heart heart attacks between one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Two Thousand Joe Biden has had two brain aneurysms that was back in the late nineteen eighties. Joe Biden Seventy six WCHS Bernie Sanders had doing a better job these days of listening to his body managing his time. He is still near the front of the twenty twenty presidential rates October the eighth. US Gymnast. Simone byles broke the record for the number of world championship. Medals won by a woman metal number twenty one eighty five was awarded at the artistic gymnastics world championships in Germany. BYLES is prepping for the Olympics. The Twenty Twenty Olympics and Tokyo next last year she is twenty two. Simone says this will be her last Olympics October. Eighteenth NASA astronauts Kristina. McCook and Jessica Moore made history by completing the first all woman spacewalk. The two women spent seven hours outside the International Space. Ace Station Morgan. On a power issue in October California became the first state to ban all animals for products it is now illegal to sell donate or manufactured new for products in the state of California clothing handbags. Shoes anything made with for some. I'm exceptions made for native American tribes. Furs used in religious practice says no surprise legal hunting California also banned. The use of animals like tigers and elephants in circuses yet. Another bill prevents the slaughter of horses or hunting. Bob Cats the laws go into effect January anywhere I twenty.

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