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Thing long like i like both of them a lot but i'm going to take that number two overall pick but i do wish i could take kouzmin poor about like five ounces of kakuta into lonzo ball and then you'd really have something you'd have right gets bucket no moment of too big for him he's not afraid of anything he is not afraid to ball goes a bucket coups you know what you go get buckets will might get us a bucket i believe because he's about to right let's bring out there you it is how you doing welcome dress rookie of the lakers one of you know you yeah yeah up coming on shore no problem so you were the twenty seventh overall pick in the draft and a lot of people i i wasn't even sure you're going to go in the second round i don't know what you thought going into the draft and so in the big picture as you look back in the smoke clears on your rookie season how would you evaluate what you did well i think i did a pretty good job of just really exceed expectations and i would say you know for sure coming out nobody really knew what i felt like on draft night i was excited everybody inside but for the most part if you watch the know recap it was like who's this guy notice you know for me to come out do what i did on a consistent basis and really overachieved pretty special or did you just cheese maybe you didn't overachieved maybe you were just what you were.

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