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On ESPN radio. Marino you made their final keys for the selection into the college football playoff thirty nine twenty seven over fourteen th ranked Texas in that big twelve title game. So four loses while five wins Murray in his last chance to also present Eisman trophy voters threw for three seventy nine and three touchdowns spoke postgame Oklahoma flag in his hands. He's a little winn-dixie read about two hundred yards with it collar Murray quarterback about Wilhelma describe this feeling you're a big twelve champion, Texas, which is. I wasn't exaggerating hit two hundred yards as you hold. This flag. We weren't fall season all some of whom award for this right here. Position. Right now. Another one up. Never been done. Breath for a second. Your head coach told me earlier this week. It wasn't about revenge. Playoff. It was about being the first ever to win four straight conference championships. What does that mean to you? Would that message be you guys? History books. Those rally Senator knows now a lot of stuff at all you that hasn't been done. And this is something that hasn't gone. We just did. To your point is. Coming out here every day. As far as the Heisman race. And you're talking to you just you smiled on internet about individual awards, but the other three sooner quarterbacks thrown released forty touchdowns in a season of all won the Heisman. What did your what does this say about you? I'll just trying to come to work every day. Do better every day. A place before self-rule. Hope we have.

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