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Companies serving New Jersey since 1987. Right now, let's see how those roads are doing. It's New Jersey faster. Having better news that a green Brooke, we're getting word. The icing conditions have improved, and they have now reopened Warrenville Road both ways out by route 22. Also on the Garden State Parkway. South Bend accident cleared away in the express lanes by 109 heading into Red Bank so good to go on the parkway tonight. Lot of slick spots out there, though. Do use caution on the exit ramps will see freshly plowed areas and against black ice could be prevalent this evening, so just slow down and drive with caution. Also watch out for repair work in Gloucester City. If you're heading north bound on route 1 30 earlier accident brought down a traffic light near Market Street left lane shut down for repair work. Pretty good shape of the crossings. I don't think you'll see roadwork at the Hudson so good to go leaving the state Delaware crossings Nice and light, too. And this report sponsored by Unbound Data work a girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor, An elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of the community reach out and change their world and it'll change your own unbound dot org's Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report 10 48 from the N J Auto lending traffic desk. I'm Jeff from under jersey when at 1.5. Old Jersey all the time. Thank you for everything you do for New Jersey, New Jersey. One on 1.5 hit call 1888 farmers to switch and you could save an average of $470 on your auto insurance. That's a lot of money in just a few minutes with savings like that. You could be lounging on an impractical amount of ornate and overpriced throw pillows you bought for your couch, but you won't Because you're better with money than that. That's why you're calling us in the first place. Call 1888 Farmers to get a quote today are farmers nationwide Annual savings ever dated December 2020 100, My former stalker fire insurance exchanges Orfalea products.

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