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I appreciate that even though you know you're you're rating a letterbox at least it was positive i'm like yeah you like okay let's put it why don't you wanted to stop stop i don't want to hear more when i think about my child in movies it's one of the first if not the first movie that pops into my head i can instantly take myself back to watching various scenes from the right stuff i became obsessed with jets and pilots and with astronauts after seeing it i started reading biographies of the astronauts like i remember going to my library and actually finding a biography of gus grissom the guy who the second man in space and ultimately tragically died as part of the apollo program but he's kind of disgraced at the end of the right stuff when you see what goes wrong what transpires at the end of his launched into space but i was so fascinated by all of those characters that i just wanted to learn more oddly i still have never read the tom wolf source materially i can't figure that i will get to at some point i assume that book gets at what this movie taps into which is the mythic nature of this whole endeavor and this movie does reinforce those miss there is no doubt about it the way at lyon isas these men but it is also just cynical or at least knowing enough to show the foibles of these men how he rose can be exploited as philip kaufman the director noted in an oral history of the right stuff that came out i think a few years ago it's the craziness of the american circus in the movie does certainly explore that but it also shows us how the heroes can exploit that circus to their own goals as well there's at great scene where the media's just outside flashing their cameras and their lobbying for a window in the capsule the scientists the engineers they don't understand why these guys in space would need a window or why they would need to have any control over the space capsule at all and they say the press they want buck rogers that's what the people at home that's what the.

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