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Bobbit bone show. Here's what I have for you. I give you a fictional city from a TV show, you tell me what shows there. Don't miss it. So for example, here is an. Can answer it ponty. Parks and rec. No, no points. Okay. It's the city they live in a writing aiming, you're up first Mayberry. What show is in Mayberry. I know. Andy griffith. Oh, say it again. The name of the show Andy Griffith. I did ask again send that. Andy griffith. Lunchbox Hawkins, Indiana. Hawkins indiana. Hawkins in the end. Is the middle the middle. He says. Stranger things how can sheriff's how about Eddie Dillon, Texas. Friday night lights. Amy bedrock. The fun sound correct. Bayside all that saved by the bell. Eddie. Oh, come on. Oh, that's Harry Potter. Serious. Score we've been running wild. I got one wrong Amy's undefeated. What about you? Emme lets you any. How about Gotham? There's a so called dolphin. City batman. Springfield. Out of the parking. It's the cartoon people is it. Is it the Simpsons? For the win win win. King's landing. Kingsland landing. Okay. It's not king of queens teams landing. It's the other cartoon people, right? Five seconds. TV shows in king's landing. His game of thrones out. Yes. That's right. Why? Golden girls. Congratulations on your win. What are you gonna do with your price? Where what is my nothing? The body bone show phones..

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