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But they are now going up against one of the best. They're going get Chicago. It's going to be we're going to see episode Alex play on both sides of I'm not I'm gonna take Chicago. Here. Attitude because the bears legit. I'm also backing up Nick foles. Like he does he deserves. He deserves. Chris. Now, one of the best at Bates in the NFL will be the choice for offensive rookie of the year. Baker Mayfield led the Browns seven wins. And on Sunday. He set the record for the most TD passes by a rookie quarterback with twenty-seven while in New York saquon Barkley had fifteen total touchdowns as season and on Sunday. He became the third rookie in the NFL in NFL history with at least two thousand total yards, and we are joined once again by Jason McIntyre who still with us. So Jason who deserves to be rookie of the year. I think this one's a layup without question. I think it's got to be my guy Baker Mayfield. I know we've had our issues he had blocked me on social media earlier this year now on blocked because I've said nice things. But I'm saying nice run you want guys Baker Mayfield has been incredible. Now, I don't know how you judge rookie of the year. Is it just the stats? I don't know then it's a toss up. But when you factor in the culture change in Cleveland, they go from how many wins last year? Two seven this year. Just remind me how many wins did the Browns have last year. I've forgotten rub. Just just give me the number ought to have one win Cleveland have one who's that that culture change? Did you sure? When it was under Hugh two years ago. And it was the culture was the same right? No, no, no one wanted to cold grill. When he got rid of you, given Greg Williams all the credit for the bribe is down three hundred Baker Mayfield, Alex. I believe he set the rookie passing touchdown record. It clips Russell Wilson eclipse Peyton Manning. But I don't want to just go big picture. I'll look at a small game like week seventeen. Okay. Baker mayfield's facing the number two defense in the league. Baltimore ravens. Okay. They've given up to three hundred yard passes this year. That's it. Pat, Mahomes who everybody has is the NFL MVP and guess who else. Baker Mayfield not once but twice threw for over three hundred yards against the best second best defense in the league. I know Robby at an interception at the end now on the way winning game was on the line. He's a witty. No, you know, down the road, and it just go. But what I should. I just means he's gonna go saquon Barkley, but listen, I will be Sean. Here. Baker Mayfield hands down should win the NFL rookie of the year would not even a debate. It's say Kwame Barco. You're right. It's not even a debate. You had to qualify. Your stuff with rookie wrote the season record for rookies as far as touchdowns. He's lost. When he's a rookie. I don't have to use that qualifier with saquon Barkley because guess what he is already. One of the best not rookie running backs in the league running backs in the league Todd Gurley Ezekiel Elliott and saquon Barkley he led the NFL in yards from scrimmage, total yards from scrimmage all right over two thousand. He was second in ineffectual in rushing. He averaged five yards per carry. He led the NFL in most Russia's for twenty yards or more. This do Baker Mayfield. We aren't even thinking about in terms of one of the best quarterbacks. We compare him to say qua- artists Sam darnold and the Lamar Jackson and so on and so we're we're not. We're not daring to bring him up with air Rogers and Tom Brady and all and even Patrick Mahomes. We not putting him in that category. Saquon Barkley appro bowler about away is already in that category. And by the way Baker Mayfield. Even even second is Lamar Jackson how about he didn't. He's the rookie quarterback that beat your rookie quarterback there. Six in one..

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