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To the property. Catch fail scrapes. If they hear that introduction gonna look up to so on feel. Where do you find the time. I'm a very good team. People around me. That's the only way that exist doesn't doesn't disappoint that tell you well. We're excited to dive into so much of what you are a subject matter expert from with a whole range of things day but before we do clearly you've got You know remarkable safety. You're at a at a pinnacle of way. You are in your spice batum. That wasn't always the case. Phil can you tell us. Take us back to the beginning of your professional law. How did you end up doing what you did. What were the choices. The pilots People often come up to me and asked what can you get to where you are right now and no idea like all in like Like one pot. This is being you know like moist pastas by looking back. It's interesting that known as a high school regiment can saying he doing what i'm doing now and acting. I am always a musician at a high school wide. I thought that was going to filming theater. And i was going to be around and indeed do that right a musical when all of a sudden until the country With a with a bunch of really talented people and ended up going to these and composing Today years and was a great experience Working with all the major faded companies around strategy and still do some work on that On that in that. ns fee. Because i love. I love the people i love the place especially as in inmate Megan money out instead of that. Ellison had this crisis point when two young kids and i ended up just being sickening broke. The christmas read slipping in. Roy was sitting on the back. Deck with with enact a friend of mine cried. Old actor believe billy bryant and we used to reflect by back backdate and spent two o'clock in the morning one christmas and he was just lament. He just come off. Phil he's Was jerry drying up. And we don't wait them. What would the niro and had done a noneya series and was gonna lose a car and something have much was at the end of his life so lamenting united life. And i just saw a. What is it a Think muscle was abused. The greatest composer. So what is it about me as Lessons because stout run music. What else looking at the speed wakes essentially in the theater in strength people all the time you read this script Putting it on on the national stage eating critiques nationally says the Situation and the rock you narcissist In theory industry right In one of those. But i realized that it was the group dynamics and it was it was the ability beyond cool things together and be able to be reliable that time employed this one of the skills get translated into another profession. I'm fascinated in a data context how you could transport people and lead them to a place. United data comes good. When you get feta ryan you combating fifteen minutes in the theater to to get people that spice and you can do it..

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