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So glad to have you with us, and so glad for the great people we've had on the show. Just Kristen Detain and Michael Goodwin and Congressman Barr and even the covert 19 expertise of Dr Nicole Sapphire and our one today, thankful for her knowledge of that now, a little rumor, Little birdie told me That my next guest who is my favorite parenting expert on planet Earth, Shelly Goldberg rejoins us. But Shelly A little birdie told me that you got the first vaccine shot on and Since you are in the you know, in the age category, that's vulnerable. I'm very, very happy to know that you've been able to do that. What was your experience like? Oh, Kevin. Thank you. Thank you. I went over to the Javits Center, and I'm so glad you asked on. It has nothing to do with Cuomo de Blasio. This has to do with the remarkable that truly remarkable people that was there. Kindness, generosity. The National Guard the National Guard, Every 5 ft. There was a national guard to say, May I help you? Are you okay? Is everything all right? You're going to get through this, all right? It was phenomenal on that was what I wanted your audience to know that the American people are a great compassionate people. It's the politicians, Kevin Media. They've lost their way. But we are a great country with wonderful, wonderful people. I still I agree with that wholeheartedly. No matter how much the, uh the cycle has let us down and leadership ebbs and flows I do and I'm very thankful for those men that are willing to put men and women they're willing to put on the uniform. And stand a post and say, Because we're here. You don't have to worry tonight. That is certainly a beautiful thing. Um, let's see you for the last several weeks. It's been very refreshing because you have actually kind of themed our parenting express segments together. Around the idea of strategies of finding happiness in the midst of what we're dealing with. And I think that that couldn't be more relevant than especially where we are right now. You've got some more for us today. I do Kevin, because that's what we're all looking for, and that's what sustain us. We need to find happiness. So here's some strategies. I'm going to give your audience the places that I go to the support and the websites and hopefully they will find their audience will find some additional tips there as well. Very great place. Is mark in angel dot com and they are see a nd angel A N G E l got calm Market angel dot com So I want your audience as well as you, Kevin and exercise. I want you to visualize. What does your perfect day look like and feel like, Just visualize it for a minute. When I think of my perfect day immediately what comes up You know, a great cup of coffee? Maybe working out some great, You know, great playlist. No Stevie wonder Bruno Mars, You know stuff like that calling a great friend. But I think it through what's immediately giving me joy. Happiness. Pleasure are simple things and so today and I'm going to ask you in a minute. What is your perfect? They look like I I want to remind the audience that happiness very often equals a simple life. And here's some tips to get there. But before we get there, what is your perfect day look like? Well, it's interesting. You say that because while you were describing what I would really enjoy a day of nice cup of coffee, a good workout in the morning, that sort of thing. I think I actually had the perfect day that turned into almost a perfect weekend this last weekend. So it was the Super Bowl weekend and I traditionally make this this big vat of chili and we we eat chili all weekend, and we have Ah, fun time with it, but I had Had secured some other recipes, and I just told my bride I said, you know, let me just cook for the whole weekend, and I'll just take care of everybody and I she, she noted it going into it. She's like your kind of giddy about this cooking all weekend thing, and I really was. I was in the kitchen. I was making food. I was just pouring love in tow. Into these dishes for my family, and they all turned out well, and everybody enjoy them, and they were so complimentary on how everything was. But when I think of like perfect moments in life It's that kind of thing. It's like something simple, but it's something that my family benefits from. And we have this like, perfect calm and peace and just joy in in the in the emotion of that moment, and it was really one of the happiest days of my life in the last year that we had, and I like I said, I kind of turned it into the whole weekend. Wow. Okay, so you you proved my point, and your listeners could really learn from that and your kids, By the way, they're they're learning and watching. They see that you as Dad you You get such joy from simple pleasures, and that's teaching them to look for the same thing in their lives. So, Kevin, Here's some other kids to your listeners to gradually uncomplicated their lives. Cool Number one. Learn from the past and get the heck out of there. That means no residing in the past. No could've would've should've Don't beat yourself up. You want to teach yourself and you want to teach your Children that this is just a stepping stone. When you make a mistake, toe learn, you learn from the experiences. I love this quote. Half mistake's Should teach you to create a wonderful future not to cause you to be afraid of it. So past mistakes should be learning experiences to focus on being productive. Not busy. There's a very big difference. People get them confused and and that is a simple pleasure when you really get good at knowing the difference between productive And busy that you don't just get things done. Get the right things done. The right things done. So you want to ask yourself every step of the way is what I'm doing today is just getting me in the direction of my goal for the day or my goal for the week or the gold for my life. But stop and ask yourself that question. Hurry. Let's things be less than perfect..

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