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You stick your hand out with a firm handshake. I'm five or six mind you. He say hi. I'm Heather McMahon. I'd like to be your friend. You WanNa be mine and to this day my best friend. Ameri is the the one person who gave me a strong handshake back so here's the thing I hear. Are you and if they are being too rough with your hand. That's interesting because I usually only get that. People are too loose with my hand and then when I come in for a firm handshake they say oh wow wow that's a strong handshake and then I want to punch him in the Deck Michelle my producer. What do you think about this? I'm GONNA have to really disagree with Aaron and central Texas here. I think she's to back up a little bit. I mean granted I don't want to I don't want to go too far. I don't know if these are like farmers with rough. Hands sounds like literally priorities central Texas. That's true but I'm kind of like Leinen girl hit him with a big handshake back. Show them who's boss yet. Maybe you gotta go in stronger and then maybe you bring your other so if you're shaking with your right you bring your left and you do that like little crunch yourself. Have you slide in and get your hand and I I just think make eye contact and just be the dominant Gal unfortunately yes. We always have to lean in this situation but don't let them crush you. You put your foot down and if it's way too hard you say hey randy randy calmed down okay. This isn't football yeah but you know what central Texas is probably a lot of cowboys and oh you know what you could also do Erin. You could just look up your hand. Come in highly moisture. Oh that's brilliant so if they go in for triple crush you just slide out you know say ooh sorry just wash my hands thought that great one or also invest in some long pointy acrylics. Yes come through Shit Adam Aaron. I'm so sorry going through that but <unk> out truly my biggest pet peeve is the opposite of that. I hate it was a handshake back okay. Let's go to the next caller. Hey Heather huge fan here. <hes> I know that you recently got engaged in. I'm curious if you <hes> had to have like the big <hes> discussions with Jeff and like one of you more into it than the other person and I'm just curious because I've been with my boyfriend for four and a half years or both twenty nine and I just kind of curious how you made it happen. <hes> that's pretty mushroom question. <hes> I guess just more about the <hes> engagement journey for you. I okay easy answer. It's a Rufi you take a roof. We put it in their drink and you take them straight to a jewelry shop. No okay interesting thing. How do we get into it? Jeff and I have had a very nontraditional life relationship. We've been long distance for almost like truly six out of eight years. I met Jeff and we fell madly in love. I don't know it was weird when we when I knew I just knew like I said before he walks in the bar and I looked right at him and I go. I'm going to marry you and then we fell. We were kind of inseparable after that my thing was I had the pressure from the other side. Everybody got really pissed off when we were together other two and a half years and we weren't engaged and I was like wait a minute I at that point in my life. We were like babies will be mad. I said I gotta go to L._A...

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