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Of another lie never see you. You know they love nothing more than an onion and what you know what I think about a year and half ago when we had that pizza date you picked onions off. I distinctly remember because it was so weird stretch right. We talked about it on the show. Fueled ROSA DIRTY FINGERS Steve. What to the restaurant to investigate to see if we can talk to the wages who member that yes I remember and you accused me of taking the money and not actually paying. You said I was getting the pizza for free and I was taking the money for myself. It was a crazy accusation. You know this is crazy. No I love put onions in buffalo chicken together on a crazy just one topic. No one's ever think of this extra cheese. Oh my God I would never thought of that accident. It's perfect cheese just saying that all the pizza cheese by the way I'll admit I still that one from Texas but my readers on I think extra cheese should have been a second round. Yes honestly here's a text of the four one three saying. I wish you guys like me more. I'm trying the best I can. Which is a women? Must mean some other form three. It must go signee set David bothersome. Like we're GONNA pay any attention. I don't understand I'm driving the. I'm dreading the walk this afternoon got I. I don't even know where to go with my guys. You know I'm worried about the have we settled on the name for the four is going to be four of us tomorrow. We'll talk about tomorrow morning. Hope we get Brian on call in still cold outside. How about the frigid for you can be. You can easily bundle up. Baburam recall ourselves in the summer. Then yeah I don't know you know if Brian really was violating the social distancing you can call yourself the feverish for. I have a feeling catches stick around for the summer over four. Yeah Oh Jeez. Oh make jokes about that either. I mean let's let's be a seems another texter. Five eight says anchovies on a way to do that for me. I you know these people every everything pizza. That's too much. Oh it's march a lot. I can donate combination. We'll I can get down. Get DOWN TO SEVEN. All live on a pizza really likes them all of us as a pizza idea of just one bite. Oh no you can't not knows the rule nine but not somehow you guys Square Pizza Geyser. No Oh no it's gotta be it's an angle ship. Can't you can't do a square CILLIAN slice I can. I can have that. I'll tell you on what I'm surprised. An Western mass. They do square pizzas. Press Steve doesn't like it but I prefer a nice triangle. Cut Pie all right. Yeah you can't go wrong with it. You can't go wrong with all right so we're back tomorrow I think. Hey show the real live. You can keep your. We're GONNA get a talking to after the show is down. A little am sure W C X X. Who's up next teaching rentable and the wrench both his niece. Those two guys once they get gone show. They'll have a lot of stuff going on Great Karen's calling me. I'm sure she's going to be thrilled with today. Is She. Calling for a Lord only not you think well. I would say she probably you know. We'll swing by Jack in the box for law now. We almost made it out almost made it out of here Jane. The wrench save us. Please omit wall teaching the renter. Good saw guys. I think they're doing these Thursday. So it's eight hour eight hundred new and right lunch with those guys thirsty. Thursday may be coming up again today. Pocket imagine it. Well I hope so for their say we've been over the schedule a dozen times. I we have to throw it to the news. Come on. We'll get to the news. The second I not j what are they doing? What are they doing this that thing with the hell? What's IT called noon? Thirty did did. I just say that. Is that what they are? They still do that or no. Oh they might be. Are they still doing that? It's one of my favorite. I love that you don't even listen to the other shows that are on this station. You know how I once again the house you know first of all the radio. My house isn't working anymore. Tried to get Radio Repairman. They come on your phone. The AH you're talking about easy just.

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