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Anticipate happening tomorrow on. We have an amazing lineup for you. Bud Kennedy, Cal Jillson, Matthew Wilson, Alan Sacks. They would Cole, Herschel Walker Governor Greg Abbott. Pal J. They'll all give their expert opinions on what will happen on Tuesday. Herschel Walker Herschel Walker? Yes, Little Cowboys as well. But I kind of gave everyone the assignment on Friday and I was I was going through it on yesterday. The assignment was to kind of go through the electoral map. They determine, you know, what do you think will happen on Tuesday? And I I ran like four different models before I can became Comfortable with one, Okay? And would you come up with? I'll tell you in the seven clock out, Okay, I'm gonna hang on to it. But I mean so, but all of us here at the station did that, so we'll have our reports coming to you. Seven. We want everyone to be on record. As to what we think is gonna happen tomorrow. Election day. What We do know how are the polls are tightening. Oh, and I guess that shouldn't surprise anyone. But we're starting to see numbers getting closer and closer. The I b d T i p p pole. Which was fairly accurate in 2016. It had Hillary Clinton Clinton winning but it only had our winning by 1% point. We have seen a reduction in it from 5.6 for Joe Biden to 4.8. For Joe Biden. In the margin of error is 3.23 point. Yeah, I think it's an 1100 person. But if I still feel like that they will all come to the margin of error so they can all say we weren't wrong. You're always very easily could. I mean they're trying to save their careers at this point to Yeah. I mean, I could see that happening. The real clear politics average still hands it about 51 44. Biden over Ah Trump. Yeah, on the aggregate of them, Write the mall and add them all together. So if you look in Florida right now, Susquehanna has the president of one ABC News Washington Post has the president up to This is the state of Florida. Rasmussen Has Biden up one. Emerson Has Biden six New York Times Has Biden three ST Pete Poles as Biden won so mean, you know, toss up there? North Carolina polling shows that the president's up in two of the three Pennsylvania. There 12345 polls. They have Joe Biden up in four of the five. Did you see what the Pittsburgh Post Gazette did yesterday? No, I did. I was going to ask you. Something about Pennsylvania fell below. Here is The Pittsburgh Post Gazette yesterday Endorse the president. First Republican president to endorse a Republican candidate for president. 40. Plus years. Is that right? Yes. Post post, cause they did you see the rally? Butler P. Ay, just outside of Pittsburgh yesterday. Huge, huge, huge eye. I saw a couple of stories over the weekend. Basically, I couldn't tell if it was an opinion on T opinion pieces on TV, and they were said, Basically, you have to win Pennsylvania when the presidency That's what the state that's what it's gonna come down to. It's going, okay. Could I should I should say it could state can't decide the present? Well, it's not that it decides it. How you know how the electoral college works. It's not one state deciding and it's that the others are divvied up and you've got to get to 2 70. So what's the closest battle? You know what? Where's the tightest race? How many do they have in Pennsylvania? Is that 30 pretty. It's a pretty good chunk. Of Ah, I'm gonna have to go back and look I should have known ever meant. Seems like it was 35 or something like that. Yeah, Something like that. I could be wrong. Ah, actually 2020. Okay, So you got 20 in one state alone? Yes. But, you know, Texas has more than that. You know that California has more than that. Yeah, it's not about that. It's not about the number. It's about the fact that all the others are going to be divided up. The other question I have for you is I think it's a very important question. What if this particular election? What if the elect electorate doesn't vote the way the people did. More than you would have canned. Very few states allow that to happen. You know, very few states allow the rogue. Eah, electoral. They were worried that that was gonna happen in 2016, and it is and it didn't happen. We've got AH, We actually have an expert coming on How it's 6 35 this morning to talk about those same sorts of things. Ryan Castanza, political strategist in the CEO of Beast Digital. And we're going to talk through kind of a civics lesson for all of us, asshole. What? What happens if there's a time when it happens if neither one gets 2 to 70 what happens as you suggested that folks who are assigned You know to a candidate decide not to do that. We'll get into that coming under 65 with traffic.

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