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Wasn't going to play down to a third string left tackle against the strength and they see which is the pass rush so other colds. Moving the ball that well either this ticking up to forty nine and a half a i was a good underplay. Let's talk the steelers and the bills. Now this is one of those games. That is very intriguing. This is a steelers team that we know started off started off last season on fire pro. Start getting put out by the sports books. Will the steelers go undefeated. Is this going to be the team that we watch march all the way to the super bowl and then we found out. Oh boy that is not what happened at all. We remember they start eleven and they lose five of their last six games and not only did they lose five of the last six games when it was all said and done we realize that this is actually the second easiest schedule in the entire. Nfl that they played this past year and they still all five of the last six games. Matt canada takes over as offensive coordinator. They're they're trying to get some things figured out and situated now marquees. Pouncey did retire so he is not going to be one of the mainstays on the offensive. Line is no longer going to be there. If you look at these one score game Metrics here now doesn't really always tell the story here because sometimes teams can just backdoor into a one score game and all that but if you care about that type of stuff. They were seven. Two in one score games as well. So maybe there's a little bit of regression on that into people were jumping up and down about their them deciding to use their first round pick. Nashi harris running back. Whenever we've seen that this is a running back position that has been devalued a ton over the last five or six years in the nfl. That said the steelers worth thirtieth running the ball last year so they thought that this was going to be something that could help them. Do which again something that this team has traditionally wanted to do which is run the ball effectively. They lost by hilton steven nelson quarterbacks they lost alejandro villanueva offencive line as well and of course they lost budde. Do pre on the defensive side of the ball is while the get back. Devon bush from injury but bud duprey again one of the better pass rushing guys out there in the nfl. So brad. I know you have a play on this one and it is not on the steelers. It is on the team that is one of the favorites to win the super bowl in the bills. Yes and so a you again. You talked about the. I think the defense was overrated last year because they faced just an absolute joke of a schedule. It was it was backup quarterback galore and then when they did face proper teams and especially ones who could protect weren't not good because a unique of the secondary now and again. This is another team that's traded away corners. And there's there's not really much there on paper. Cameron sutton the right corner joe. Hayden is probably the you know the mainstay. And they're gonna be relying on him sees on the wrong side of thirty so as you say..

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