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This is the Bill Browder sequel, thanks for being with us greater beer. So I, I will say we had you on the show many months ago and the news about Russia and the news about you in the news about the Magnitsky act has only gotten more important. And the other thing I wanted to tell you is I I don't think there was another episode that we've done to the show that resonated more with with listeners. I can't tell you how many people have said to me how much they appreciate the education that you gave them about Sergei Magnitsky in about all the guards in Russia and about Putin and his conduct. So I wanna thank you again for for coming on and telling the story most been my pleasure, and thank you for highlighting the story because it's just so important that everybody knows what's really going on with Magnitsky in Putin and how this forms a crucial part of the whole geopolitics of Russia right now for those, you know, three or four people in the globe that are listening now, but who didn't listen. The first episode can you do like a like a ninety? Second summary of who Sergei Magnitsky was why he was important and what the law does that you've helped pass in multiple countries. Society gaming. Nikki was my lawyer in Russia. Sergei discovered a massive Putin crony corruption scheme where they were stealing two hundred thirty million dollars of taxes that I had paid to the Russian government from the Russian government. Sergei took that information as as a Russian patriot, he exposed it. He testified against the corrupt officials involved in instead of treating him as a hero, the Russian government arrested him. They put him in pretrial detention. They tortured him for three hundred fifty eight days and they killed, sir, gaming ski on November sixteenth two thousand nine at the age of thirty seven. And since then I've been on a mission to get Justice for Sergei. Which resulted in something named after Sergei call the Magnitsky act, which is a piece of legislation I passed in the United States in two thousand twelve, which imposes visa sanctions and asset freezes on the people who killed Sergei ski in the people who do similar types of human rights abuses in Russia and bladder Putin really hates that because Latimer Putin is a man who does human rights abuses, and he has a lot of assets in the west, including the United States needs, though you put his assets at how much I estimate he's worth two hundred billion dollars, which makes him the richest man in the world. And in order to keep that money safe, he doesn't keep it in Russia. He keeps it in American banks, British banks in real estate in Switzerland and France, and other places, and he feels any. He's right to feel this way. He feels vulnerable because his money may end up getting seized in frozen. And that's been that's been the objective of Mike. Campaign and I believe in he has his own behavior, demonstrates it that we found his achilles heel, which is this, which is the Magnitsky act. Certainly, he's only hate your guts. He does. Would we'll talk about any mentioned you by name whenever he whenever you can. But this I, I wanted I wanted to explore more on how successful campaign has been on the Magnitsky exit would pass in the United States by an overwhelming margin, how many countries now have some version of the Magnitsky act. So the Magnus Gant pass on December fourteenth. Two thousand twelve rush, say signed into law December fourteenth, two thousand twelve in the United States under Obama passed ninety two to four in the Senate eighty nine percent of the house of representatives. We then got Canada to impose their version of the Magnitsky act and that passed unanimously in in their house of Commons and unanimously in their Senate and became law in Tober of a two thousand seventeen. We then ended up with with Wayne Latvia Estonia. NIA and most recently Britain United Kingdom a along with Gibraltar. And so there's no seven countries that have Magnitski axe. And as of right now, there are nine countries parliaments that are now debating and introducing Magnitsky act. That includes a number of countries, Europe, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark Holland than we have a stray Leah, which is which got something cooking South Africa Ukraine in just two days ago. Moldova without any intervention. For me. The Moldovan parliament introduced a Magnitsky act, so there's nine countries on deck..

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