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Babes babes, babe. We're back. It's Lara. And Jocelyn V Jocelyn Jane free free. I'm having some identity shifts that we're working through. Yeah, we are wage all kind of going through shifts right now major major shifts. I guess should maybe get this out of the way up top and we can talk about it starts strong. Okay, so I've been going through a bit of like a deep think about my future life and podcasting and writing and career and I've come to the realization that I need to take a break from babe for a little while, which is a true babe, but I have to be honest about my truth. So this is going to be the last episode of babe for the foreseeable future. I'm putting the pod on Hiatus as I kind of restructure figure out what I want to do next sexy unique podcast will continue. So I urge a lot of you to that don't aren't in a'bravo or aren't to me just go over there and you have a lot of content, but I'm willing to watch you. Yeah talk about t I've spoken with a lot of readers the they don't watch any of the shows that I watch but they still tune in every week and they get something out of it. I appreciate that and I think that speaks to the quality of that podcast. So I think that could be an outlet for my babe readers. I Have not come to this decision lightly. I've been it's been percolating for a little while how long I'd say since late last year since I went on a road trip when I woke to Cascade to go my old boarding school to kind of go check it out and see what was up there. Our old boarding our old boarding school the death my bad, sorry wage and it just got me thinking like I've been working on I've been working on my book proposal now Thursday, I mean for forever, but truly like I signed with a book agent in June of last year..

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