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Oh, it's the frames of place lay for Rory in that case. Yeah. I mean, that's that's the way it goes don't grind laying five or six to one. But if you think you're going to be contact by by inexperience you gotta you gonna take them on them. I would go in the five and sixty s markets when you count on the exchanges. I'm starting to think just that's not the dog. I'm starting to think that's actually Harry Darren. In that case, then because one of the big things a bit of market at Cheltenham is if you can find the favorite that you dislike brilliant because you can then try and find something in the bigger price. So if he's not who you're interested in ori-. Whereas where are you with this race is that you take him out in the market betting Overbrook on you know, on? So it's not actually opening up any Vanni to you at the moment. They will do it will do in the day. We see the final decks. Yeah. I've love to see this Garamba in here because he win Kevin for me to go to the national on chase. Kevin Kevin wants him in the form owner, but he still they still paid the money to keep them in this. I've I heard they had a jockey booked for the hurt Barrio. Neal was booked for the national chase on confirmed. But I did. Okay. But yeah, he he'd be really interesting in here. It's all guesswork is a million to get in the race. But it's been a few times in the past. With Israel's remarkably remember golden chiefdom with him in the fiftieth in line to get in this on they'd already planned the Jogi forum for wind counseling everything on. Then he sneaked in right in the bottom of one of thirty three to one. If it's all guesswork sneaked in at the bottom of the handicapped, PBS terrific bet almost certainly isn't going to number forty five. But those are the ones who kind of interesting to me, but it's not a race. My my strongest you and the racist is that we've been we've been loaded into thinking some more a good thing because we've been told by connections. When all logic tells you you can't be back in a horse with with that kind of experience. In arrears. Luckless he should be. Well, Honda com. Give me a culprit. But being well handicapped is not the most important thing in gentleman festival on tight, especially we're fences. You've got to be able to cope with it takes up. Hurry, Durham, obviously heartbroken because on tempore to used to be on the comeback trail for this race horse who could not be beaten in it. And he's and also David pipe is dead to me. So. Kevin your thoughts on on the ultimate. Oh, I have not. I've nothing nothing else. Happened K move on a train to catch. That'd be that'd be be cheering that the five for Harry Dera. But that's. I would go for for Jerry's back. I think he's interesting and JP loves it tilted this race Filipov had a hard season last year. And he was well beaten as a favourite at Haydock last time. Expect him to show improved for he's still finished won a crucial role. Not they didn't he I'm without. the former without raises better than a loose. And vindication would have been a really strong fancy for the fun and podcasting and he's got former with him as well..

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