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Of Don. Yesterday, a national television with the world watching and the perfect punctuation of the Double bang from Mike Breen. I told you last week that if you could start a team with any player, any person currently walking the face of Planet Earth, the right answer was Luca. Don More obvious answer is honest and take a compass. It was 25 Luca is 21. And for as long as there has been basketball. They've taken the bigger guy before they took the littler guy, even though don, which is anything but a little guy. But we're now starting to see that that is almost always the wrong thing to do. Because the game is getting smaller. The game is going to exactly where Luca don Cheech is. He touches the ball on every single play and at the age of 21 in his second N BA season and his first NBA postseason, they just gave him the ball over and over and over In one of the genuinely great games you will ever see. This is a game in which the Clippers and a 21 point lead in the first half. The Mavericks had a 12 point lead in the fourth quarter, and the team's traded leads eight times in overtime. Kawai Leonard on one side flat out played by 21 Year old Luca, Don To everyone on planet Earth knew was getting the ball not just on that play, but every play of the overtime and they couldn't stop him. They just couldn't stop him. A 43 point triple double for Luca, Don In his fourth N BA playoff game playing without Kristaps Porzingis. That's one of the great performances that you'll ever see. And so I must amend the point they made last week. So we know that you would start a team right now, with Luca, based upon his age. Let's not even limit him that way. Who's the best player in the embassy right now? And how far do you go before you get too? His name this minute this minute. LeBron James Kawai Leonard Kanis. Cady. He's heard which can forget him Staff. James Harden. Would you rather have the ball on any of those guys hands before this kid? I get it. He's played four playoff games. There's also 21. How far is Luca Dodge it right now from being the best player in the world. Not saying he is, but Not necessarily saying he isn't either. Listen to his coach Rick Carlisle yesterday with a very off brained. Explanation of how good he is. Because Rick Carlisle is 60. And you would think We talked like he was 80. He makes a very 2020. Observation when he describes what we're seeing in.

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