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I was told that that was impossible because there was a nixon wage freeze underway and the owners of the station had embraced that the call their hearts so i stayed and eventually got all the way to the salary of fifteen thousand dollars up you know gee i ought to be able to do something in public relations so i started writing house organs company newspapers for several entities in charleston on the side and i would work at night pounding out that your stories on the typewriter i did the heck's world for instance for fred added and i rolled up about five of these house organs and they couldn't couldn't do anymore because i certainly couldn't do it while i was news director to see a chest so i decided that i would you know go out on my own and started public relations firm because i was having difficulty putting bread on the table and i was still by everybody that i was crazy and i had this visit in the newsroom from a guy but the name of blue leslie and he comes into the newsroom sits down he's retired from the associated press the bureau manager and he graduated me told me wonderful wonderful thing i was doing ruddy face reddy complexion white hair he leans across my desk and he says i have just two words of advice for you and i said they are and i leaned forward across the desk and liu says be expensive i said what do you mean by that blue and he said what are you as a journalist think that everybody can do what you do right and the report and the things that journalists do you think everybody can do it and i'm here to tell you they can't the biggest challenge you will have the pricing the product that you produce so i thank him and i remember that when i started the business and tried to make sure that i price the product in a manner that would.

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