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Welcome back to the show. This is the Patrick lives on radiothon. 777 11 56 11 other This is mean Mary's new album alone. This's the song Come along, People who listen to show regularly. We'll know that mean Mary was was on the show before. I didn't wonder wonderful, wonderful artist. Second players are back virtually with plays, running the gamut from science fiction to a superhero saga, the people revealing long held secrets of the Evanston Second Act players. Online 60 is the new 40 Short play festival, November 13th and 14th, 20th and 21st. You could visit Evanston Second act players dot com and a person who is no stranger to the stage. Mary Squire Chiaki Maria. I'm sorry Marina Square he had He plays my mouth. It's ahead of me sometimes plays Officer Kim Burgess on Chicago P D. She won the prestigious Agnes Moorehead Award for her performance in a studio holiday and the off Broadway play just in time. And you did stand up comedy. Oh, yes can hear me. We can hear you. Logging crime Marina, Did you state of Dominique God that feels like a lifetime ago. I've been on Chicago P D for eight years now. Well, well. So so talk of talk about this. This performance in the Agnes Moorehead Award. That's that's a really, that's a really prestigious achievement. Yes, I played an old movie star named Judy Holliday. And what was great about it is that you know there's tapes and videos of her. So I had to inhabit her body and her voice and she has a little bit when she talks like this really fun to see what it is, is somebody new, which is totally different from my like Chicago cop persona. You know, we had Patrick Pflueger and Andi. I know he was just texting me. I was like, how did it go? What he was, but he was talking about be starting out on the stage. Age on DH. That's that's where you began. When was the last time you were on stage and do you miss it? No, I really missed it. But, you know, I spent a lot of time building to get here. Tio have a career on television, and I did a lot of theater. I hope to get back to it. But this is a lovely life for right now. Absolutely. You know you were you were also Ah, Speaking of Patricia and Patrick lives on by the way, we need you to call in at 877. 7 11 56 11. Do you want to go through those centers? You want to wait till till the end of the second laughter? Okay, okay, but But we We really need you to call in. We're getting down to the wire here. 8777 11 56 11. And I forgot life. Forget where? Well, you know, I had I had this conversation with with a friend of ours in the Italian front front of ours in Tuscany and you pronounce your name? Corky, Adi and I I said that to her, and she said no score, Ciotti. Yeah, She's right. OK, good. OK away for eight years because I've heard it pronounced both ways. So score. Chatty's is correct part of pronounced eight ways from Sunday. I'm sure I'm sure anymore. It's a lot of vowels and a lot of oxidants and just roll with the punches. I've got a one syllable name and people get that wrong. So so I Yeah, I can. I can I can fully sympathize you, you You were in AA, a production that the Patricia wrote. And produced and directed called Light. Yes, um I want to talk about that. Because it was such a powerful and moving piece. And then that movie can be seen on a website like lasagne. Dada work because it's it's about what it's about. We we distribute our short films to counseling centers and detention centers and we make them Films with a purpose. You want to see this as you're hearing about it, and I didn't know if the whole film was available there. Really? I was going to ask you, Ben. But then what is stunning Wood and Amy Morgan, who couldn't be with us, and we hope that everything is is okay with With her and her family, but the but You. You brought such emotion with with a minimum of awards to this piece on and I I know you're very close. You guys wrap around Patricia like a warm family blanket. But not anymore because I cove it. It's like that's just calling. That's inviting trouble in fairy these days. I suppose you have. Ah, if you're an actor in a film that doesn't have a lot of words. That's you really have to trust your director because you have to trust that. What? What? You're emoting or what? Your feelings being captured on screen. You don't have any words just sort of rely on and I think honestly, I'm not just he knows. Spouting compliments, But I think that's more of a testament to Trish otherness to me that she was able to get what she wanted out of me and other the shot. That's really I think more director's medium, but I'm glad you liked it. I'm glad it was good, though you were about and that's a diminished not to diminish Patricia, but that that also that also takes a mastery. Of of acting in order to pull To pull the value of those emotions out of out of yourself and and express them, especially non verbally. I mean, I feel like I learned a lot since I started on Chicago P d camera. I mean, I started the theatre actor. If I feel I was just much bigger before, and I sort of learned tone it down a swell and one of the problems they say with theater actors is that they turn it down so far that they turn off because they don't know how to To sort of keep it into a small box their emotions and they try and make it so small that they sort of disappear and so, finding that balance for theater actors on film, Teo to have enough but not disappear, But not too much is in theater. Ah, is a really tricky balance Well, and it was hard because when you first came on P d you in uniform And a lot of comedic scenes with Anna and it was hard. How do you tone that town when it's kind of the right, right? Right, Right. I remember I had, like a year of directors tell other show telling me, Doctor Don't smile and do it. Don't do it again. When I brought him his product for intelligence, they're like, Yeah, that's great. Just don't smile. They would find a sort of move my character into a sort of a darker place, which they definitely have. But it was like a year of like Tonal notes of doing your wonderful on the show and you were. You were really wonderful in in light on and I didn't want to call out because we spoke about it before before the show today, Patricia Scott Field. Who? Ah, who was your camera? Director of photography director of photography who? Ah, And I'm guessing this was a collaboration. But the you know the tree from the city to the lake. Andi. Intimacy of the shots was absolutely beautiful. We we had. We only had a little tiny 10 person crew. It was called running and gunning and we got bless Marina We threw on the street said start walking. You know, and gave her a lot through all the places and then obviously was much you know, the intent was the noise in your head and Grief You could people gonna have grief about anything about a loss of a person or an animal or your job or your health or your house?.

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