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Quite frankly, if you broke even and made a little bit money this year, and you're paying tax on capital gains. You absolutely need to give Ryan and myself on our team of Colin. Sit down with us. Not only we're going to sit down and show you how to create those income streams that you and your spouse could never outlive. We have talked about how much your pain and fees you're gonna talk about how much risk were actually taken? We're gonna talk about long term care in a statement. And we are going to focus on taxes. You can not go through retirement losing 20 to 30% of your returns to taxes. That's insane. Give us a call 866597. 10 40. That's why Mike and Ryan say, How can a person provide investment advice without actually understanding the tax implications on that advice? It's right there in his best selling book, Nothing is certain, but death and taxes until now might connect. Ryan Herbert of Pro Status Financial Advisors Group ready to help you to and through retirement will give you a couple of minutes to call them. And set some time up with them for the new year for your retirement. Then up next, the Dow had a new milestone crossing 30,000 for the first time ever in 2020, But what does that mean for you? Some experts are calling it a warning sign. Also, we learned a new term. In 2020 with a lot of stimulus talk, P p p. What does that mean for you and your business? Lots of great conversation coming up next right here on the savvy investor, radio and savvy investor podcast..

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