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Six minutes speights is averaging one point eight 3point attempt per 36 minutes in his career if you think back to his last year with golden state when he was known as a space earner in a command has a big stretch shooter right he was averaging two point seven 3point attempts per thirty six matches this year four orlando she said the two point seven is your for orlando is averaging fourteen and a half 3point tips per 36 minutes now he's making fortytwo percent is knocking them down he's got fresh legs early in the season for a not so young player will see how that goes as the season goes along but definitely doesn't give you which neil on the defensive in definitely a little bit of a desperate move to dirty gets more shooting into the lineup and i think that sort of is a little bit of a handwriting on the wall with how much orlando has gone from speaks not implying to now sort of being a guy that we're trying to get into the game to get us some offense yeah just look sibling me like with visa which is not making shots and coaches apple turned to the marie speights in try to get him in the the tel aviv control and if can hit shots to go down eventually they're a good aback the beyond bofors stretch where they're going to be better defensive team of those sorts of things but it's kind of like this lever or that lever where we talked about with with detroit no matter who comes on or off they're doing the same things that is thought at all the case with orlando it what it they're doing definitely is dependent upon who's in the game when he was on the bench so completely different formulas there let's transition there were to the last humira quick the miami heat their tenant nine after winning in chicago on sunday currently have a negative one point one point differential than minus one point three net rating this week the wind to break the bus and went strictly talked about in the beginning the win here in minnesota we also talked about whom you're covering timber timberwolves into the wind today their losses this season so ten nine on a super impressive record but there and a fine point seasons dot in.

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