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The aspect of houston friday you know we had that rumor couple days ago or tom savage was on the forty niners radar you know tom savage i was told by not one but two houston texans coaches that he's got a big arm he's very cerebral right he just has to i'm eight to the nfl game well but that's the case and you can get romo to come in if you make your work financially and i mean if you got a punt on brock osweiler and that means you could have to eat a so load against your salary cap which is precious two general manager in the nfl and rex murphy i mean freddy you and i both a great osweiler thing was not a rick smith decision it was in the right decision absolutely not the al's i'm beginner decision the owner all the houston texans and now you have to figure out i ll what you do how how you how you make all that work by getting rid of you know brock osweiler bring it romo but the news today is that this finally happened and it did happen but guess what we all expected this to happen now it's a matter of is going to be designated him i paid opposed to first cut go agree to terms of the team and then and end of an era happened in dallas and he moves on for a difference in _e_s_p_n radio the _e_s_p_n that's the of tony romo say not ios the douse right i'm also says audio to the jets it's the city's audience to him but he's not got the movies family he will have to pack any boxes he will have the call you all because the new york giants that will give you two years we'll give you told million dollars we need a big receiver the do things inside the red zone a big is in the other gotten the outside the smaller guys you know odell beckham junior still in separate when i heard about the signing as a man i know the giants are going to benefit well one guy is really going to benefit and that is the quarterback eli manning and i thought jordan rain then _e_s_p_n giants reporter when you look _e_s_p_n new york ninety point seven he said it best telling with the giants and especially ben.

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