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Driveway. So i can go to work so i don't want to the wrong house while steve while what was all in there what did you have any closing know. Just musto out just financing would fit theobald. When i lived in. I just drove out of state. Good luck this would be for. You had all you had to have license plate. They hadn't come up with the stick assistant yet Yeah okay wow was your was your plate. So with joe plates really. Oh plates was what does that mean exactly. I know like three ohio tags in my car so even if they did find the car immediate three different license plates in the cost like gas. Then i think they saw me. I go a little bit and changed. Okay let's get out of here We'll be back with more of this way. You can hold no public offers right strawberry letter coming up. I don't think we're really cousins. We'll get into it right after this. You're listening to steve harvey morning show. Well guys. it's time now for today's strawberry letter and listen if you need advice on relationships dating work sex parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry letter to steve harvey. Fm dot com and just click submit strawberry letter and we could be reading your letter live on the air just like read this right here right now. Okay boggle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is the strawberry letter. Thank you nephew subject. I don't think we're really cousins. stephen shirley and high school. I liked a girl and she likes me. We talked on the phone and hung out together all the time and her mom and my mom were close to so she always was at my house or hers. By the time we graduated from high school. We were even closer. And i told her that i wanted her to be more than my friend. She's always been really close to her mom and tell her everything so. She told her mom that she and i were dating. Her mom told her that i was her cousin when she told me we were related. I felt strange because we had kissed a few times. We never questioned it. Though we stop dating and remained very close cousins. We still did everything together and told each other everything. By the time we were in our mid twenties we had both had a bunch of bad relationships and always ended up back together. I realized that i loved my quote unquote cousin. And she's the perfect woman for me. So i finally asked my mom if we were really related. My mom said we're related somewhere down the line but there is no way for us to find out now because all of the older relatives are deceased. I told my mom that. I'm in love with her and i want to be with her. My mom told me to follow my heart. I couldn't wait to tell my cousin how i really felt and i was relieved when she told me she's been in love with me forever since then we've made love a few times and i asked her to marry me. She wants to do a search of our family tree. i. I don't think we're cousins. And this is only postponing our happiness. Should we search for answers or not. Well i'm with you on this one. I i don't know. I just don't believe you guys are cousins. I don't believe. I think maybe you know her. Mom told her that because she didn't want you guys dating for whatever reason and you know i don't want you guys not because i don't want it to be true or anything i just don't believe your mom. Both of them are telling the truth. Even your mom. Federal related somewhere down the line. She didn't even know and she said there's no one in your family to validate it. But i mean there are ways you can search to find out. It's just. I don't know suspicious the way they handled everything in the way they told you. And for that very reason yes. I think you should find out if you're related. I think you should do the surge. Knowledge is power. The truth will set you free. What if you wanna have children down the line. This is something you should know whether or not you related There's a lot to consider. You need the facts that you can make an informed clear-headed right decision and nothing just based on your emotions like your mom told you just to follow your heart. It sounds like you don't care though if your cousins or not and your mom's certainly doesn't care but your girl wants to know and it's important to her so i think you should the search and you know whatever you guys find out. Let the chips fall. Will you know where they may I don't think you really cousins then and if you find out that you're not then you can move forward steve. This is a short response for me. Because i don't even understand. There's no advice to give this letter light. You know normally. I have section while breakdown what somebody said and what the other person said is not at that in here and he just wants to. Should they search. That's anyway it ain't about that to me if if your mother if the woman she's really close to and you ought over each other's house if ain't show mother sister and and that woman that's not the system this girl that you dating and okay let me put the rovers and your mama are not sisters. Her daughter is the woman you love then h okaz so not s established right there. So this y'all cousin somewhere down the line. Black people know who has happened. All over me is dead. Black people know what's happening now. What didn't happen is wanted him in in the family straight also had a child out of wed lock and one of your aunt's or mama's is now everybody did stuff. Y'all got bibles over old. Bibles in read. Who you ain't gonna see your name once you don't see your their openness shut case they know all old people dead. How how man. So what are we talking about here. So i don't really think a case of if you do the search what you go find. You're not gonna find anything and you already went to girl. She in love with the girl. I mean she which you i mean what. What if they want kids. They're too far down the line for that to affect anything. You're saying. I think the way wait and month remove. It was something dangerous. Two boys mother would not have said. Follow your heart but the other mothers was the one that said their cousins. I think she said it because she didn't want them to date. She just said that. Okay tell her mom lasko ask them mama half but even tell how these she can't even tell how these other two is related. The two women was their relationship. They're just they're just really close in a very yeah but they did it.

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