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It be the exclusive bizarre for in-app purchases has been ruled illegal as of last friday but neither side got exactly what it wanted. I'd like to introduce our special guests. This episode stephen wolff pereira. Hi stephen hayes. And he got the name right. So that's awesome start. Hispanic stephen was the cmo of new star from two thousand sixteen to twenty seventeen. And he's also longtime at data logics and then oracle after oracle acquired data logics the ad agency publicis and experienced another credit agency double record there and he's now a marketer of his own product and are pretty cool left. Turn as ceo of kontos. Which is a story teaching platform for kids and also joining us on this episode is alison. Shift our senior editor. And the person who wrote in covered. Are sarah hi. She covered our story the acquisition and she's also are mobile expert and has been following. Went tuned into apple's event yesterday and she's been closely following the apple epic lawsuit so allison given the nuts and bolts of the new star. Transient deal so just a little bit of back story of this is trans unions fourth acquisition for its marketing solutions division. It's by far the biggest three point. One billion like you said but over the last two and a half years transient acquired. True signal. signal and true optic which is kind of funny because they i'll either have signaller true in their name New star doesn't so very creative on the marketing. It's kind of like in the mobile world where everything was like mo something or like blah blah app. Something it's like. Come on guys get more creative with your port mantos. But i'm be transient is known for being credit reporting agency primarily. They maintained historical credit information on businesses and individuals and it's a highly regulated area. But yet you have these credit report reporting agencies like also experien- getting really hot on digital advertising. And i think we're gonna make a connection on that later in the show experience acquiring tap bad last year but the with new. I mean i can tell you a trans union. Says i'd love to hear what stephen has to say. But they say they wanna be a player in the identities base at a time when.

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