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Studio. So glad to be with you, especially on this show because we're always looking back where we look back at wins. It's that much more special especially on a night when the Texans organization from top to bottom paid homage to the man that founded this organization, Bob McNair, man, what an amazing night, and I don't use the word amazing loosely mazing grace before the game and a tribute to Bob McNair was just unbelievable. My guys Gavin Gert, Kenny. Tom. They all did a great job with the videos in everything on the video board. And it was just such a special special night. It was it was weird in a sense that I could look at the board thinking, I can't believe the big man's gone. I can't believe you know, it was just kind of just still trying to take it all in even though he'd have been able to come to games and be around much this year. It just knowing that he wasn't going to be here anymore was just such a tough a tough thing over the weekend. But everybody in this organization. Tip their cap, in some way, shape or form to Mr. McNair. I mean, it was just unbelievable Monday night and Monday night was just really in all honesty, Monday night was just the decapa and everything. When the when the news came down Friday the way that people in this organization pitched, in some way, shape or form to come up with a plan. How do we how do we feed this, man? How do we give him the proper do? What would he have wanted? I mean, it was just amazing to see people come together. And I'll tell you a little peek behind the curtain on Friday. I got my show all ready to go. I got it all recorded. Everything was ready to go. I got an lasted report and to our show. So putting together a two hour show recording whole thing is is lengthy. I got that showdown. I walked out of the studio, and it was at that moment that I found out that Bob had passed and I knew immediately. I was like, well, we can't run the show we're going we're going live and Martin van Buren. And I came in here for two hours did show. So I've got a show from Friday that will never be aired. And it was all about the titans and getting ready for the titans and all that. And then we did a show that hopefully memorial memorialized him in the proper way at least on radio, but it was throughout the weekend. The articles people wrote the videos people did what community did what PR did? I mean what Amy and Omar and Nathan. An alley. I mean what they all. Did was just incredible. I mean Jonah Stephanie. I mean, they just did such a great job with everything that went on. It was just an incredible incredible evening and on the fortune one because I get to talk about that on the radio because I'm on the radio. You can't see any tears streaming down my face, which is great because I'm sure at some point and all of those discussions, whether it's Friday or Monday or Monday night, whether it was on the air in any way, shape or form, or now just making me think about how everybody came together, which is exactly what Bob McNair wanted. That's exactly what he set out to have here for as an organization was based on family, a work family, faith, flam three. And of course football. And it's the football that we talk about here on the radio, but we wouldn't have done it without Bob McNair. And whether he was the driving force on Monday. I know he was the driving force on Monday, especially when it got to be tend to nothing. He definitely was the driving force for a team looking for eight in a row and in all honesty. I don't think the team looks at that way. The team looks at it has let's be wanted. Oh this week. We'll take care of this sixty minute adventure in front of us and get this thing done, and they certainly did that on Monday night. Against the Tennessee titans. So I noticed to start off your home, you know, stasis might to that replay as on Wednesday. We'll be back on Tuesday for the remainder of the year for as long as the Texans play. And hopefully, I'm doing replay all the way at the February. That would be unbelievable. And I don't I should say unbelievable. It would be fantastic. But the way his team is playing anything. Nothing would shock me at this point nothing, especially the NFL's been this year. You lost three right off the bat. Then you went eight not in NFL history has ever done that ever ever done that in history. I mean, it's just amazing to think about amazing to about this team has done. Now, they can find that consisted stride going forward. They're going to be a tough out from here until February. They're going to be a really really tough out for anybody. But we'll get to that down the road. That's looking ahead. We always look back on replay. And we're going to do that tonight. Looking back at the place of the win over the Tennessee titans. And also back last year's win over the Cleveland Browns. Another statement made as a rookie last year for the Shawn Watson and we'll go through that game. And look back at it later. We got to get through our ultimate eleven plays of the game now, and we're going to start with a guy that I think has unfortunately because the sack numbers aren't higher and the glorified stat numbers aren't higher. I think it's lost. What a good year Whitney mercilus has had came back off the injury last year. And he's been asked to a lot of different things for this organization a ton on and off the field. But all the funeral particular. He's been asked to play as a four three outside linebacker. He's been asked to play as a four three and he's been asked to play three frauds linebacker. He's been asked to play its elaborate. He's been asked to play. All over the field because that's what we can do. We can do all those things. We'll thankfully on Monday night. He was able to get to quarterback gets a team that he has done that against. I remember twenty fifteen list team was two and five and looked like this team was just headed nowhere play the Tennessee titans at home last week before by and whit went nuts. He should had five sacks net game, but they took one away because of a face mask. And I think it'd being fours what he ended up with. It was just outstanding afternoon. We ended up with four on Monday night, but he ended up with one and a half and because of live radio sometimes he got credit for two. So a number eleven we give you both as I put an air quotes both sacks for Whitney mercilus on Monday evening. Here's the first one. I doubt the Texans forty nine. Here's Mario to.

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