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Welcome inside everybody, Evan valenti back with you, Adam Kaufman, taking a break. Your flip flop in here. I go on a little mini vacation last week, you know, you got to get away, take the girlfriend away for the anniversary, obviously. Adam, we have flipped it. He's spending some time with his family this weekend. This is the beauty of summer, where we have the ability to not react all the time to games and news. We can take some time off. We don't have to be as serious or in that particular time right now. And with that, we bring in Dan Greenberg, barstool sports, and Dan, we're in this particular time where nothing really of any consequence is going to happen for the Boston Celtics. We've gone past the $7.1 million TPE dates that has gone. We'll get into that. Summer league is over. We're going to get into that. And there's some periphery news. So there's not a lot going on. And it's nice to have a team kind of set up already for 22, 23 and not have to really worry about, are they going to trade for Kevin Durant? They're going to trade for Donovan Mitchell, they're going to have this guy that got this guy. It's nice to have a summer where all we really have to worry about Dana is like internal improvement from the Jays really, and that's about it. Yeah, I mean, well, my first question would be, what's it like to not care about the results of games and things just because I found myself on edge when the sounds blew their summer league opener like it was game 6 of the NBA Finals. So I don't really know what that level of mindset is like, it must be nice to be able to step away. I'm a little, I wouldn't say I'm jealous because, you know, this is my life hood, but at the same time you're right. It's a weird dynamic where, you know, I think we're all just waiting for October, right? All the big, there wasn't really any big dominoes outside of the brogden trade, but that was like, you know, at the beginning of free agency. So these last few weeks have just been, you know, I'm waiting for some workout videos to hit my timeline. I'm waiting to see the veteran minimum additions to round out the roster. But it is a weird, like, you know, why is it only July 22nd and not October 3rd type? I know, right, I feel that. I'm waiting for Jalen used to do all these summer video series back in the day. One of them was like hone the pressure it makes diamonds. You always do one of these summer workout videos that were several episodes deep. There was a cam training with grandfather. You know, he was like boxing. I miss those. I would appreciate one of those with him and just T Mac grind and I was just saying, yeah, we got that one. It was like maybe 15 seconds of him and T Mac. You need way more of that. Yeah, a little king of the court and it was nowhere near enough. Especially because, you know, I mean, there's no Tatum work out videos. There's no, I don't know. I mean, I saw Marcus was playing golf, so like, sure, everyone's resting, but like, at the same time, there's, you know, neurotic people like us that are feeling for something. We need stuff to react to. This is impossible. It could just be like Payton Pritchard making a hundred straight threes.

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