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I'm Sarah Gonzales, welcome to the news. And why it matters. We have two very special guests in studio today. We have Lauren Chen, roaming, millennial. Thank you for having me. Yes. Thank you for being here with blaze media, blaze TV. We're so excited to be partnering with you. And we have Chad Prater. Hello, Chuck, Ray, loom good to be with you. Good for you to be back. It's good to be. I don't even know how here today just suddenly showed up and it was like. Let's talk about things your head salesman hundred percent. Absolutely. Yeah. These in by the way. See not a good. Look look. Really quickly tell people where they can find you at watch it. Chad dot com. There's nothing vain at all about that web address. Yeah. We're in around the country. We did at ninety ninety five comedy tour shows a year the star spangled banner comedy tour, and we will be in Dallas Fort Worth in grand Perry. Tomorrow night, December six the grant. What is it called the what's the theater grand prairie? Now. What's the name of the show? The the star spangled banner. Okay. Yeah. So I take it. There's a lot of anti American stuff in it. You know, it's very unpatriotic. We don't do anything. And the stark. No. Always ask, you know, this is a political show. And I said well, yes. And no, I mean, Washington's writing jokes, we might as well, tell them. So let's just do it. And it's but it's an American ship. A hard time finding the line on jokes now because jokes really are best when it's an exaggeration. Right. If something right? But how do you exact your? Onion we live in the hyperbole. Everything is is seemingly satire, right? But you know, I'm always been one who poked the bear observational humorous. I'm sort of a modern day on a conservative side will Rogers that just looks at reality and says, wow, this is funny. You can sum up everything I say with one question. It's one word, really. And that's what I see when I look at the news today. Right. All right. Let's get into top story as Glenn. What was the top store? Our top story for me has to be the the merger between MasterCard and Microsoft and completely unrelated to the merger between the Microsoft and the US government. I'm sure I'm very sure Lauren. So obviously Nativity scenes are coming up. And apparently, some people are deciding, hey, like, did you know that Jesus actually had to dads, and I've even seen two moms. So we're getting all kind of creative activism coming out with with Christmas. Did kind of have to dads. The only one that did. I'm not so sure that that's. I don't know if you turn on the news today. But apparently, there was a major event in the funeral of George H W Bush, and of course, like every other news cycle that goes on. It can't be about the man who passed away and was the forty first president of the United States. It has to be about Donald Trump. All right. Got a lot to get into before. We do that one of our sponsor radio's own. Okay. So you guys have not been here to see my fat picture. She shows us every time. We have somebody that comes in from the can't wait to show you. Okay. So redesign is it helps you lose weight. It's a it's a capsule that contains the good molecule and olive oil. So it this your metabolism. And it helps you feel full longer..

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