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To do it? Were there looking to post the notice to use there's a Sooners. Ah, winter is projected. The Social Network says it's taking the Steptoe help fight misinformation. Facebook says it will rely on a majority opinion from established news organizations. The winning candidate's name will appear in notifications at the top of Facebook and instagram. A cz. Well, all right. Pharmaceutical deals have a daily pharmaceutical deal. It seems, what's the latest? Well pretty much? Yeah, The latest one is an international deal. The Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk is buying the American firm atmosphere Technologies. It's a deal worth $1.8 billion. Novo is the world's biggest producer of insulin. Insulin. It's been working with atmosphere for several years developing a drug delivery system. All right. Looks like a lot of used cars will hit the market next year. Yeah, hurts going to refresh its a fleet in 2021. The company has secured financing it plans to buy about 229,000 new vehicles allows it gets approval from the bankruptcy court. Hurts, expects to start placing its orders in the first quarter. Because you know, Reynolds. Our business has been hurting this to mean people tend to, you know, fly, then rent and if they're not flying so All right. The electric portion 9 11 Porsche 9. 11 isn't coming. It's not the head of the company says there won't be one at least not for the foreseeable future. Portia boss Oliver Bloom says the 9 11 is a car prepared for a combustion engine, he says a 100% battery powered 9 11 is a long way off, if ever Don't hold your breath. That's it. All right. What do we have Futures wise. They're still lower. They've improved a little bit over the last hour. SNP futures down 21 NASDAQ futures down 100 won and the Dow Futures are down. 121 from Bloomberg on Jeff Hullinger on news radio 700 WLW ride back to Chuck's Turn 7 11 When he got from the UC Help traffic Center, You see health, probably serving his Cincinnati's leading adult organ transplant program for more than 50 years, North bound 75 Rex. Clear it. Kyle's left Lane open again. Traffic continues to run a bit heavy. From Dixie into downtown, then sup and 75 for a broken down on the exit ramp. The buttermilk crews are also working with the wreck on westbound Ohio Pike. That's near Glen SD with thumbs. Ville chucking room news radio 700 wlw. Looking good out there with sunshine all day with sunshine all weekend Today 70 is your high tonight. It's 43 than 72 on Saturday, 74 on Sunday. Monday, Still nice and half a Tuesday It is right now. 46. That's it. 700 wlw. Let's imagine a world where no one ever cuts corners potato chip banks air filled to.

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