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The line leading the abolition movement on my goodness, we should all know the story of Bloody Kansas because the civil war was being fought there before it was being fought throughout the nation. That was the battleground and who was there? Well, James Butler Hickok was there. Now let's return to Roger McGriff. And the rest of the story of Wild Bill Hickok. Picard, please The Rock Creek station two weeks after the shooting and travels to Fort Leavenworth to continue the family tradition of fighting against slavery and volunteers, a scout in the Union Army It's at this time that he got develops his signature cavalry style reverse, draw or twist draw that will make him famous. Got next leads a union widened train from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. To Sedalia, Missouri. Confederate guerrillas attacked the wagon train and it got barely escapes being captured. It's about this time you're in his nickname Wild Bill. Legend says he stops a bartender from being lynched after a saloon brawl in Independence, Missouri, a woman in the crowd applauses action and yells. Good for you while mill. Here's old West historian Chris ends Bill Hickok was so pretty it hurts. He was very compassionate man. He was a decent man. His eyes would reflect that compassion, but If you ever challenged him, he could stare down a rattlesnake got curious dispatches through.

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